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Thread: Name sightings

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    @stephaniebrooke - I'm not sure, but my guess on the pronunciation is uh-zair-ee-uh, much like Hank Azaria. I can't vouch for that though, as this is the only time I've ever been acquainted with it.
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    Ramona - born yesterday. Her middle name was Faye or Faith, I'm not sure.
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    Selin (pronounced like Celine Dion said with a French (or French/Canadian ) accent).
    Her older sister's name is Sibel, I don't know about the English pronunciation but it sounds gorgeous in Danish.
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    I noticed these on a social networking site: Kharrington, Kaylynnette, Karni & Renate.
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    A friend of a friend on Facebook is called Romalie. I can't find any informations on it but I suppose it could be a diminutive of romana or roma

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