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Thread: Name sightings

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    Someone in my family named their son Constantine Tom. Why not Thomas?! The middle just feels like a let down compared to the grand and wonderful constantine

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    renrose Guest

    I was on a train yesterday coming back from Wales and a mum and her little girl were sitting in the seats across the aisle from my friend and I. The little girl was called Kaia.

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    I heard a mum talking to her maybe 8 year old Betsy the other day (in the UK). That was a lovely surprise
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    bailibsmum Guest
    I'm in south-east wales- uk!
    An aquaintance i think she's 18 just has a little girl an she called her Cyrah-J- i think its pn Kye-rah or Kiera but im not 100% sure!

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    I just met a Cassius - I was so shocked I did a double-take when I saw his name tag!
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