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    Re: Starting over with naming the girls

    Hi : )
    I thought I could be of some help regarding the name Linna, since it's a swedish name and I'm from Sweden. The pronounciation of Linna would be best translated into Lin-NAY-uh or Lin-NEE-uh (the last version is closest to the swedish pronounciation, but that probably does'nt matter in the US). It's a beautiful name and one of my closest friends is a Linna. The flower is also very sweet.

    With that said, I had to say that I love your names. And I really like flower names to: ) Marigold, Linna and/or Violet would be awsome middle names for your little girls. I just find Marigold to be such an amazing name!

    Good luck : )

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    Re: Starting over with naming the girls

    Well I prn. it Len-ay-uh when it is spelt w/o the accent, however when it is spelt-

    Linna I have to stress that vowel and say Len-nee-uh

    Either way you slice it, it's a fabulous name! And it was the name of Monet's daughter!


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    Re: Starting over with naming the girls

    I'm posting without reading every single post so please forgive if I say anything redundant or out of date, I'm just going by the original post.... throwing some pairs together here....

    Cecilia and Contessa (could use the nicknames Cilia, and Tessa)
    Tabitha and Contessa (Tabby and Tessa)
    Vivienne and Audrey
    Francesca and Genevieve
    Francine and Genevieve
    Natasha and Veronica
    Vanessa and Veronica
    Cecilia and Felicity

    And some other names that might be to your taste?

    Do keep us posted as to what you choose!

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