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    Re: Starting over with naming the girls

    Hey guys-- thanks for the help. I feel kinda "needy" lately!

    I don't feel like I understand the name Isolde. I know that sounds silly, but I like the look and idea of it. I just don't know anyone with this name, so it doesn't feel like a name to me.

    As discussed, I do like Livia. You picked out a good one. I don't know if it's best with Fiona though. Also, sometimes it sounds like the country Libya - not that that is bad, but it distracts me a little.

    turquoise- how many kids do you have? I know you have a Scarlett. I think you mentioned you have another one or two. What are their names? I really like most of your ideas. i feel like we connect on a name-level!
    Rosaline - like it. my Scarlett has Rose as her mn so I do worry a bit about "re-using" Rose. It feels a bit uncreative for me. However, I love Rose and all variations and we chose the name to honor her great-grandma so it's got alot of personal connection for us. Its also my favorite flower.
    Rosalie - w/ Penelope it sounds a bit rhymy
    Simone is not my style
    Evangeline - a name I love. DH can't decide about. it puts my OCD in high drive though w/ Fiona cause it's just too long It works w/ the name though and my other kids
    Josephine - I have a major personal problem with Joe, so any female versions are out
    Lydia - I like this. The double A endings don't really stick out too much either. DH said this isn't his favorite though
    Claudie/Claudia- gonna run it by DH later. I like this. Claudia sounds good w/ our last name.
    Francine - I do kinda like having two "F" names. I know alot of people are not into twins w/ the same first initial though. I don't know why Francine appeals to me, but it does.
    June - I don't really like short first names (but fiona has alot of syllables so it feels longer)
    Cordelia - it's on the short list!
    Delphine - one I hadn't considered! I like it though. Fiona & Delphine has a bit of alliteration though. is it hard to say? it's slightly easier as Delphone & Fiona. Gotta think about it more.
    Gwendolyn - a great match for Fiona actually. It feels long to me though
    Olive- don't care for it
    Isla - this is a name I see on NB ALOT.... it's gaining popularity I understand. I never cared for it, but w/ Fiona, it actually sounds perfect. Still, I don't really like it as a name. lol I'm so confusing
    Daphne - Its also one I haven't given much though to before, but I really like it w/ my girls names. It feels a little "overpowering" when you see/hear it w/ Fiona though. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing.

    lyndsay- thanks for coming and helping again!
    Elinor is not the spelling I prefer. Eleanor is my "forever favorite" and I don't think I can get used to this other spelling (but i love the literature ties for Elinor).
    Bonnie is cute right? I don't know what Bonnie is short for though. I like the name Bianca, but not for my family right now. It used to be one of my favs.
    Stella does seem to work better w/ Fiona. However, I was thinking and Estella & Fiona doesn't seem as clunky as Fiona & Estella (that A fiona ending to E estella beginning is a little tough. the A estella to F fiona works for me. I am really favoring this right now. Estella's a special name)
    Annabel is a little too soft for me. It keeps sticking around though. I'm not really sure why. Probably cause DH likes it.
    Audrey - thanks for the comments.
    Melody - so glad you like this! Lemon did mention that Melody and Penelope are a little too close. I hadn't thought about it, but it's kinda true. What do you think?
    Hazel - yeah I probably would not use it. I don't want too many color names and it feels a little trendy right now.
    Linnea - My DH said "what is that?" when I suggested it. He's not a fan
    Amelia - I don't know if I can get over the popularity of Amelia (though I'm considering Isobel... hmm) This was my first gut reaction when we picked Fiona. maybe it's meant to be?
    Maureen/Maura - DH tossed this in there. Maura reminds me of "Abby" from ER and she was cool and I like the actress.
    Rosaleen - see my comments to turquoise about re-using Rose. I like this version of Rose because I have this obsession with Reena/Leena type endings (ask Lemon... it's a pretty serious "addiction")
    Ruby is adorable w/ Fiona and a definite fun, sassy name.... but not with Scarlett.
    Belle - I'm glad you like this too. It feels like a natural pairing. Is Belle too cutesy and little girl-like though? Do Belle's ever grow up /does the name age well?
    Ellie - usually just a nn to me too. I'm surprised how popular it is on it's own though. Elle would be another option too, but maybe too popular
    Briar - DH nixed it. (but if I was fiona, I would be ok being an ogre I think-- she is a princess too and she's likeable enough)
    Beatrix - I think I'd use Trixie! (that feels odd though). I have an exbf who I call "B" though so Bea .... I can't completely fall in love w/ it.
    Cordelia feels long and a little prissy w/ Fiona now. I loved it with other names though.
    Louisa - wow... you are kinda selling me on it! Really one of the only reasons I threw out this name before is because I don't like the nn Lu/Lou -- I'm not into the boy nn's for girls.
    Tessa is one of my favs right now.
    Evelyn is one of my favorites w/ Eleanor. I wish I could name the twins Evelyn and Eleanor! I don't know what that says about my "style" or if this style fits with names I actually picked for my girls, but those are two of my favorite names ever!

    I love your idea of having a new beginning and ending. That's sorta the feel l want too.
    Camille/Camilla - I think we discussed this. LOVE the names. our last name starts w/ Cam though. it's a little too much.... maybe. it's borderline.

    Good point about Penelope and Audrey's endings. It does feel a little close, but not terrible. I feel like Fiona and Audrey look good together and have a similar classic, girly, confident vibe.
    I like Margot and Margaret. DH said Margaret was cool too.
    Gwyneth is an not a bad option either. It has the same feel as Fiona. Gwyneth has a bit of snobbiness though no? I like it though.
    I wasn't commenting on all names if I didn't care for them, but I couldn't hold my tongue about Janine. I can't decide if I have worse connections to Janine or Joe (from above)-- hehe. In theory, I actually like the name, but a certain Janine ruined the name for life for me.

    Noelle- i loooooove it. it's a little hard to say w/ Fiona as a pair though. I could call her "elle" too, which is my fav. Is it too sterotypical to name a child due Dec 26th Noelle?

    Thanks again all!
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    Re: Starting over with naming the girls

    I haven't read through all the posts so I apologize for any repeats! I do love Fiona and I think it goes well with your daughters' names.

    Scarlett, Penelope, and...

    Helene/Helena nn Lena
    Margaret nn Maggie/Margo
    Cassandra/Cassia nn Sandy/Cass(ie) [A coworker of mine has a 2 y/o named Cassielle... I'm not sure if that's made up or not but it sure is perfect on her!]
    Rhiannon nn Rhia - I love this!
    Wilhelmina nn Willa

    Congrats on the twins, I would LOVE to have twins some day!
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    Re: Starting over with naming the girls

    Quote Originally Posted by crunchymama
    My favorites right now? Ok! i have a bunch, but I don't want to rush into anything at this point.

    Brooke (prob. won't pick, but I have always liked the name)
    Elise/Elsie/Eliza (my little sister's name is Elizabeth nn Lizzie though -- you know an Elizabeth has so many nn options? well, I feel like once you choose a nn, you stick with it, so I don't see her starting to go by Eliza or Elise or really anything other than Lizzie or Liz. btw, not that it really matters, but she is 9. I'd feel better about repeating a name if it was an adult-- it feels more like you are honoring someone, but she's just a kid too. we don't live near her though and probably never will)

    First of all, Linnea is a flower, and I think you should use it as a mn! Briar could go under that same cool mn feeling, Fiona Briar is sort of awesome.

    You know what name I keep thinking about? Eloise! It really gives off the same feel as some of your selections above and I could see Fiona and Eloise being marvelous twins along with sisters Scarlett and Penelope!

    Fiona Briar and Eloise Linnea

    Just a thought!

    Bonnie is such a cute thought! Fiona and Bonnie (I want to say Bonnie Blue so badly!) are great!

    I would stay away from all other Rose names as it has been done, I know, I love them all too!

    Fiona and Elsie
    Fiona and Elinor
    Fiona and Annabel
    Fiona and Cordelia

    Those are my favorites!

    What's the update Theresa because Lauren and I are gonna go crazy until those twinsies have names!


    Bella <3
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    Re: Starting over with naming the girls

    Bella, you're right. I am going to go crazy until those girls December. I even had a dream about having a baby last night, and I'm blaming Theresa for my rather restless slumber. Ha!

    Anyway, love the idea of Eloise! It's one Theresa and I have discussed, I recall, but I don't remember if it got pushed down to a list for future babies or if it was officially nixed. Even though my current favorite pairing is Evangeline and Fiona, and I'm trying to convince Theresa relentlessly, I agree that Eloise and Fiona presents and eclectic and interesting pair! I like to think that Theresa's naming style is a little bit vintage bohemian, with a tendency to choose names with soft, feminine personalities disguised by strong, energetic names. I also like to think that Evangeline and Eloise both fit the bill, here. Eloise and Fiona is almost, almost a Beatrix and Fiona-esque pairing for me, because Eloise feels more vintage than the spunky Fiona, but Eloise also has more of that light, feminine, princess-like quality to her than Beatrix, which I like. I also like to think that the fact that Eloise and Fiona have a reversed vowel pattern (Eloise's OI and Fiona's IO) might appeal to Theresa's OCD tendencies. So, all in all, I applaud you, Miss Bella!

    Lemon :-)
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    Re: Starting over with naming the girls

    I'm glad you're liking some of the suggestions!
    Noelle may seem a little uncreative for a baby born around Christmas, but it is a beautiful name. I like the suggestion of Eloise if you like the nn Elle - Fiona and Eloise? Eloise could be perfect - a good length with Fiona, different ending/beginning from the other girls - full name and nickname.

    I also thought of Miriam - Miri is cute, or even Mimi.

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