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    Olivia and Ian: A Brother - Sister Name Chain

    Here's a twist on the Brother or Sister for Olivia and Jack thread and on the Different Type of Name Chain thread.

    You write in a sibling of the opposite sex for the names previously given, BUT your new name for a their sister or brother must begin with the last two - three letters of their sibling's name.

    For example:
    1. TheodoRE - REgina
    2. TesSA - SAmuel
    3. PipER (g) - ERickson

    The next poster would then do something like:
    1. RegiNA - NAthaniel
    2. SamuEL - ELeanore
    3. ErickSON - SONja

    If you find yourself in a tight spot with the letters given, you can expand from the last two letters to the last three, or if worst comes to worst, slip in a new name pair of your own that works.

    Here's the first set of names!

    1. Paige
    2. Tobias
    3. Graciela
    4. Mitch
    5. Orlando

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