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    Short CAF with initials

    If you want to add last names, you can be creative! This is based on a real family I know. (or am part of, or whatever <G>)

    DH: RV
    DW: SD

    DD1: KS
    DS1: RV
    DD2: AD

    DD1: KS (same as above)
    DH: JM
    ---DD1: TC
    ---DS1: JT
    ---DD2: JS

    DS1: RV (same as above)
    DW: RC
    ---DD: AG
    ---DS/DD: MR/LC

    DD2: AD (same as above
    DH: FD
    ---DD1: CA
    ---DS1: AD
    ---DD2: HF

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    DH: Robert Victor
    DW: Sylvia Diane *Sylvie*

    DD1: Kendra Sue
    DS1: Reuben Victor *Ben*
    DD2: Alba Diane

    DD1: Kendra Sue (same as above)
    DH: Jonah Matthew
    ---DD1: Thessaly Claire *Tessa*
    ---DS1: Jeremy Thomas *Remy*
    ---DD2: Jemima Sue *Jemma*

    DS1: Reuben Victor *Ben* (same as above)
    DW: Rosalie Claire
    ---DD: Antonia Grace *Annie*
    ---DS/DD: Maxwell Reuben / Linnea Claire

    DD2: Alba Diane
    DH: Fraser Duncan
    ---DD1: Carly Anne
    ---DS1: August Duncan *Augie*
    ---DD2: Hallie Faye

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    New Zealand
    DH: Rigby Vadim
    DW: Sofia Dulcie

    DD1: Kerensa Siobhán
    DS1: Romeo Virgil
    DD2: Araminta Domitille

    DD1: Kerensa Siobhán
    DH: James Maxwell
    ---DD1: Tara Céline
    ---DS1: Justin Theophilus
    ---DD2: Jessamine Sofia

    DS1: Romeo Virgil
    DW: Ruby Carys
    ---DD: Acadia Gwen
    ---DS/DD: Marsden Rigby & Lisette Cerise

    DD2: Araminta Domitille
    DH: Ferris Deveraux
    ---DD1: Claudine Arusha
    ---DS1: Aloysius Deveraux
    ---DD2: Hester Fabienne
    Leo Sebastian l Ronan Alexander

    current loves
    Felix l Finn l Moss l Heath l Fern l Veda l Tui l Blythe

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    DH: Richard Vaughn
    DW: Selah Delaine

    DD1: Kamryn Sienna
    DS1: Ryder Vaughn
    DD2: Aubrey Dianne

    DD1: Kamryn Sienna (same as above)
    DH: Jackson Michael
    ---DD1: Taegan Corinne
    ---DS1: Jacoby Tyler
    ---DD2: Juliana Skye

    DS1: Ryder Vaughn (same as above)
    DW: Renee Caroline
    ---DD: Arabella Grace
    ---DS/DD: Mason Ryder / Liliana Catherine

    DD2: Aubrey Dianne (same as above)
    DH: Frank Daniel
    ---DD1: Camille Alexis
    ---DS1: Asher Donovan
    ---DD2: Hailey Faith

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