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    Short CAF with initials

    If you want to add last names, you can be creative! This is based on a real family I know. (or am part of, or whatever <G>)

    DH: RV
    DW: SD

    DD1: KS
    DS1: RV
    DD2: AD

    DD1: KS (same as above)
    DH: JM
    ---DD1: TC
    ---DS1: JT
    ---DD2: JS

    DS1: RV (same as above)
    DW: RC
    ---DD: AG
    ---DS/DD: MR/LC

    DD2: AD (same as above
    DH: FD
    ---DD1: CA
    ---DS1: AD
    ---DD2: HF

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    Re: Short CAF with initials

    DH: Richard Vincent
    DW: Sarah Dawn

    DD1: Katherine Suzette
    DS1: Robert Vincent
    DD2: Anne Dorothy

    DD1: Katherine Suzette (same as above)
    DH: John Michael
    ---DD1: Tiffany Corinne
    ---DS1: James Tyler
    ---DD2: Jordan Sarah

    DS1: Robert Vincent (same as above)
    DW: Rose Catherine
    ---DD: Amy Georgia
    ---DS/DD: Matthew Raymond /Lauren Claire

    DD2: Anne Dorothy (same as above
    DH: Franklin David
    ---DD1: Chelsea Allison
    ---DS1: Andrew David
    ---DD2: Hannah Faith

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    Re: Short CAF with initials

    DH: Roderick Vincent
    DW: Shari Danae

    DD1: Kimberly Shaye
    DS1: Randall Vincent
    DD2: Ashley Dawn

    Rod and Shari Gaines; Kim, Randy and Ashley

    DD1: Kimberly Shaye (same as above)
    DH: Jeffrey Michael
    ---DD1: Tessa Christine
    ---DS1: Jackson Thomas
    ---DD2: Julia Suzanne

    Jeff and Kim Miller; Tessa, Jackson and Julia

    DS1: Randall Vincent (same as above)
    DW: Robin Charlene
    ---DD: Allison Gevevieve
    ---DS/DD: Maxwell Roderick / Lillian Collette

    Randy and Robin Gaines; Allie, Max and Lillie

    DD2: Ashley Dawn (same as above)
    DH: Felix Donovan
    ---DD1: Carys Ashton
    ---DS1: Alec Douglas
    ---DD2: Harper Finley

    Felix and Ashley Seabolt; Carys, Alec and Harper
    Current Favorites
    Audrey Caroline / Lily Elizabeth / Sadie Rebekah
    Grant Harrison / Levi Charles / Reid Samuel

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    Re: Short CAF with initials

    DH: Robert Vincent Wynn "Rob"
    DW: Sarah Danielle Wynn

    DD1: Kaitlin Sarah Wynn "Kaity"
    DS1: Ryan Vincent Wynn
    DD2: Allison Daphne Wynn "Alli"

    DD1: Kaitlin Sarah Wynn-Montgomery "Kaity"
    DH: James Michael Montgomery "Jay"
    ---DD1: Talia Claire Montgomery
    ---DS1: Jack Thomas Montgomery
    ---DD2: Jessa Selene Montgomery

    DS1: Ryan Vincent Wynn
    DW: Rose Catherine Clearview-Wynn
    ---DD: Annabelle Grace Wynn "Belle"
    ---DS/DD: Milo Robert Wynn & Lillian Cate Wynn "Lilli"

    DD2: Allison Daphne Wynn-Eisenhower "Alli"
    DH: Flint Donald Eisenhower
    ---DD1: Calla Aimee Eisenhower "Callie"
    ---DS1: Alec Donovan Eisenhower
    ---DD2: Hollie Faye Eisenhower

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    Re: Short CAF with initials

    DH: Robert Vance Walters (Bob)
    DW: Sofia Danielle Walters (Sofie)

    DD1: Kailey Sofia Walters
    DS1: Robert Vance Jr. Walters (Bob)
    DD2: Alexandra Danielle Walters (Alex)

    DD1: Kailey Sofia Walters-Matthews
    DH: Jacob Michael Walters-Matthews (Jake)
    ---DD1: Thiara Claire Matthews
    ---DS1: Justin Jacob Matthews
    ---DD2: Juliet Selena Mtthews

    DS1: Robert Vance Walters
    DW: Rosemary Claire Carson-Walters
    ---DD: Abigail Grace Walters (Abby)
    ---DS/DD: Maxwell Robert and Lillian Claire (Max and Lily)

    DD2: Alexandra Danielle Walters-Evans
    DH: Frank David Evans
    ---DD1: Charlotte Anne Evans (Charlie)
    ---DS1: Alexander David Evans (Alex)
    ---DD2: Hailey Faye Evans

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