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    Re: What do you think of the name Pearl?

    Quote Originally Posted by franreeves
    Hi! I have a 2 week old daughter named Pearl Isolde so I absolutely love the name. I agree with the pretty elegant classic thing... Definitely not old lady or boring! Pearl Jenevieve is lovely - I'm not a fan of 2 middle names. Not sure about Pearlie though... our Pearl goes as Pearla or Pearl - there's nothing wrong with it at all though - maybe because it looks like pear-lee or it could be that Lacey (our other daughter) and Pearlie together are too much! If you love it then go for it!

    Pearl Isolde is gorgeous!! Pearl and Lacey are lovely together. I agree with you and think Pearl Jenevieve is enough and doesnt need Marie. My s.o.'s daughter is named Kassy. I think Kassy and Pearl are sweet together too.

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