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Thread: Faye

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    Re: Faye

    Hi, I think Faye can stand on its own as a first name. It is actually English name which means "from the fairy kingdom; a fairy or an elf". The only problem I can see is that the word "fey" is a derogatory term for a gay person so there may be some teasing. Faye can also be a nickname for Fate, Favor or Fayme which are pretty unusual choices. Since it is one syllable, It would work better with a longer middle name.

    Faye Matilda
    Faye Isadora
    Faye Henrietta
    Faye Evangeline
    Faye Clementine
    Faye Cecilia
    Faye Sabrina
    Faye Avonlea
    Faye Angelica
    Faye Susannah
    Faye Magnolia
    Faye Jocelyn
    Faye Elizabeth
    Faye Rosalind
    Faye Guinevere
    Faye Colette
    Faye Madeleine
    Faye Hermione
    Faye Augusta
    Faye Claudine
    Faye Cordelia
    Faye Meredith
    Faye Dorothea
    Faye Corinna
    Faye Dolores
    Faye Nadine
    Faye Lucille
    Faye Patricia
    Faye Simone
    Faye Ramona
    Faye Marguerite
    Faye Estella
    Faye Delilah
    Faye Delphine
    Faye Camille
    Faye Charlotte
    Faye Abilene
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    Re: Faye

    I definitely think Faye can stand on it's own. I know a girl named Fay. Her parents are big fans of Arthurian legend and Morgan le Fay was the sister of King Arthur and a powerful sorceress. Anyway, the name, for me, is just like it's meaning. It means fairy and to me Fay/Faye is light, fun and pretty. Just like a fairy. I don't think it's too insubstantial as a name (it's not any "less" name than John, Nell, Kate or Belle, in my opinion). If you wanted to make it double barreled I think Anna-Faye and Mary-Faye are great. It could be a nickname for Faith, or Phaedra (FAY-dra), or Fable as someone mentioned, or Fabienne when pronounced FAY-bee-en. Or if you want to stretch it a bit Frances or Francesca could work- if Katherine can shorten to Kate then I think Frances can shorten to Fay.
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    Re: Faye

    I love Faye(, Fay, Fae...) too. Faye-Ellen is beautiful. A while back I was trying to fit Faye into my top list of names, but it never made it. I am giving my daughters double barrel names too.

    Faye as a first:
    Faye Claire
    Faye Emmeline nn Faye-Emme or Faye-Lene
    Faye Jasmine nn Faye-Jaz
    Flavia Marie nn Faye-Marie

    Faye as a second:
    Amelia Faye nn Amy-Faye
    Clara Faye
    Cordelia Faye nn Cora-Faye
    Eliza Faye
    Greta Faye
    Imogen Faye
    Lucia Faye nn Lucy-Faye
    Lydia Faye
    Olive Faye
    Stella Faye
    Zelda Faye

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    Re: Faye

    I also like Faye/Fay/Fae but prefer longer names so I don't think i'd use it on it's own.

    these are kinda a stretch, but I was thinking of using Fae/Fay as a nn for Fiona. I previously thought about Rafaela too.

    Others names containing "FA" which could maybe work
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