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Thread: Calia Joy

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    Re: Calia Joy

    Yeah, it has the same meaning as Calista.... its the Cali part that means beautiful.

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    Re: Calia Joy

    Calia certainly does seem invented--maybe not by you, but by someone--but then again, every name was invented at some point. It's not like they fell out of the sky! I think that you could possibly consider Calia as a variation on Calista, Calla, Calliope, Calanthe, and the rest. I don't know much Greek at all, but I do know that cal means 'beautiful'.

    Unlike some of the previous posters, I thought that it would be pronounced "cuh-LEE-uh", to ryhme with Malia, and I think Joy would go wonderfully with Calia, or any of the similar names.

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