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    Re: Nameberries-I challenge thee!

    ...what is DF? dear friend? sorry to be so lame

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    Re: Nameberries-I challenge thee!

    Grrr I just typed a long reply only to have it deleted.

    Lets try this again....

    What about using a more traditional fn with an old fashioned vintage nn? That way you each get what you want.

    Some ideas:
    Margaret "Greta"
    Matilda "Tillie"
    Adelaide/Adeline "Del"
    Josephine "Josie"
    Louisa "Lulu"
    Amelia "Millie"
    Elisabeth "Betsey"
    Georgia "Gigi"
    Sarah "Sadie"
    Gwendolen "Wendy" or "Winnie"
    Katherine "Kit"
    Estelle "Stella"
    Elodie "Edie"
    Charlotte "Lottie"
    Jane "Janie"

    Do you like any of those?
    *Under Construction*

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