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    Re: My babies (12 kids)

    You are 16 and you have a very supportive 17 year old boy freind. You feel you are at the right age to "do it" and he does too. But When you are 17 you accidentally become pregnant! Your mother flips on you and kicks you out! His mom understands and you move in with him.
    1.What is your name- Aurelia Margaret Sevinchky
    2.What is his name- Darrell Neil Krawitz
    3.What is your mom's name- Olivia Kayla Sevinchky
    4.What is his mom's name- Marianne Liora Krawitz

    Your beautiful, bouncy, bubbly, baby girl is finnaly here! She looks exactly like you. You give her a name that starts with the same letter as your name and a middle name thats a flower. You got married shortly after.
    1.What do you name her- Amanda Rose

    When your daughter is 2, you are 20 (you gave birth at 18 yrs.) and your husband is 21, you become pregnant again! Your mom called to see how you were (you havent spoken 2 each other in 2 years)and you filled her in. On the night you went into labor your mom took care of her to bond with her.

    Your second and third healthy chubby adorable baby girls were born! you named them after their grandmothers.
    1.What do you name them- Ophelia Lena and Marie Kate

    Your oldest daughter is now 4, the twins are 2, you are 22, and your husband is 23 you are impregnated with 3 baby boys! Your husband is sooo overjoyed! Hes had names pick out since he was 14!
    1.What do you name them- Cameron Ellis, Connor David, Christopher Frederick

    When Everybody is 1 year older you are preggs once again with 2 girls! Their first and middle names start with S and T.
    1.What do you name them- Samantha Tatiana and Tamara Scarlett

    (4 years Later) Your eldest is 9, the 1st twins are 7, the triplets are 5, the 2nd twins are 4, you are 27, and your husband is 28, you are preggo with another baby! When the baby comes you find that its a girl! You give her a feminine name.
    1.What do you name her- Alexandria Claire

    Your last pregnancy is here you agreed no more kids after these triplets. All boys. You give them unisex names whatever middle name you choose.

    1.What do you name them- Jordan Felix, Avery John, Evan Thomas

    Relia and Darrell with Amy, Fia, Marie, Cam, Connor, Chris, Sammy, Tammy, Lexi, Jordan, Avery, and Evan
    ~Emmeline Jade Bentley~

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