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Thread: Greer and Fifer

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    Re: Greer and Fifer

    Susannah Woolf is a great combo! I'm not sure about Waylon Woolf (it sounds like "wailing wolf"!!!). Since your last name is one syllable, I think it would be best to have a two or three syllable first name. Here are some girls names you might consider.

    Sabrina Woolf
    Yolanda Woolf
    Penelope Woolf
    Simona Woolf
    Ramona Woolf
    Genevieve Woolf
    Isadora Woolf
    Hadley Woolf
    Delilah Woolf
    Cecily Woolf
    Estella Woolf
    Felicity Woolf
    Ivy Woolf
    Juliana Woolf
    Matilda Woolf
    Clarissa Woolf
    Marguerite Woolf
    Antonia Woolf
    Ophelia Woolf
    Georgiana Woolf
    Malvina Woolf
    Lavinia Woolf
    Regina Woolf
    Guinevere Woolf
    Adela Woolf
    Leonie Woolf
    Daphne Woolf
    Chauncey Woolf
    Abigail Woolf
    Madeleine Woolf
    Vivian Woolf
    Cordelia Woolf
    Angelica Woolf
    Miranda Woolf
    Augusta Woolf
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    Re: Greer and Fifer

    If you want to use Fifer, I would suggest spelling it like the surname Pfeiffer. Fifer looks ridiculous; sorry! I am also not a fan of Waylon; as a pp mentioned, it sounds like "wailin' wolf" with your last name. I also don't think Charlotte is too popular, I haven't met any kids with this name, and it's only like #68 on the name lists. Charlotte Woolf sounds lovely!!

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    Re: Greer and Fifer

    I like Greer a lot, and like a lot of people I had no idea Brooke Shields' baby was named Grier. I had heard about the postpartum and Tom Cruise thing, but never heard the actual baby's name. So I think it's safe. Greer is a wonderful choice.

    I like Charlotte as well, but I can see what you mean by popularity. Also I think it's only going to continue going up for the next few years, and probably rather quickly at that.

    The other names of your list I love are Susannah and Eleanor. In fact I love them both more than Charlotte to begin with.

    Susannah Woolf or Eleanor Woolf both sound lovely.
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    Re: Greer and Fifer

    I really strongly dislike both Greer and Fifer (neither sound remotely feminine, and follow the surname trend of which I am not at all a fan of) but the rest of the names on your list are lovely. Greer and Fifer seem very out of place next to such classic, feminine names. I especially love Charlotte, Susannah, Saskia, Vivian, Frances, and Eleanor.
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