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Thread: Greer and Fifer

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    Greer and Fifer

    What do you think about these names?
    Is Greer too associated with Brooke Shield's child?
    What do you think of Fifer? (like Piper, but replace P's with F's)

    Last name is Woolf. (pronounced like Wolf.)
    My other choice is Charlotte. I think it's lovely, but so does everyone. That's the problem.

    Here are some combos. Let me know what you think.
    Charlotte Quinn
    Greer Katherine
    Fifer Claire

    Others I have considered are Susannah, Danika, Frances, Eleanor, Saskia, Vivian, and Thora.

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    Re: Greer and Fifer

    Interesting choices...

    I didn't even know Brooke Shields had a daughter named Greer. I like the name a lot. For some reason though, paired with your last name, it sounds like a fairy tale character to me. I don't know if that's good or bad to you. :roll:

    I'm not at all a fan of Fifer. Sounds like someone with a lisp trying to say Piper. Also reminds me of Fee Fie Fo Fum...

    Charlotte is pretty, but I agree with you -- it's also pretty popular.

    I really love Susannah. I'd say that's your top name for me.

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    Re: Greer and Fifer

    I don't think Greer is overly associated with Brooke Shields' child. I like the name but it may be a bit stern coupled with Woolf. I'm actually a fan of Fifer and think it leavens your last name nicely. I also love Susannah and Saskia. Eleanor I'm afraid suffers from the same problem as Charlotte -- too much love!
    Pam Satran

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    Re: Greer and Fifer

    Hi, I like Fifer Claire. Fife is actually a Scottish place name so I guess you've added an "R" at the end. I'm not usually a fan of made up names but this has spunky vibe! Brooke Shield's spells her daughter's name Grier which is the spelling I prefer. Charlotte Quinn is a lovely combination so don't be afraid of its popularity if you like it. I love Frances (so classic, so underused as a first name) and Saskia (Dutch name that sounds exotic).
    All the best,

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    Re: Greer and Fifer

    Thanks! Well, I definitely wouldn't want my daughter to seem like a fairy tale character. (Not exactly the image I was going for. LOL)

    Anyway, Charlotte has always been a top contender, but I don't know if I can really bring myself to use it since it seems to be quickly losing it's appeal to me every time I see it in someone's name list. I suffer from a very common first name myself, so I would like to use something a little more on the rare side...

    Susannah is a new one I'm liking. I had such a huge list to start with, but so many of the names I love do not work with our last name. (sigh) "Woolf" is our surname. If I have a boy, I would like to name him Waylon Daniel.

    I love names, but I just frustrate myself with girl names. It seem like I can brainstorm forever and only come up with dumb-sounding choices. (Fe, fi, fo, fum)..haha. I still like Fifer, though. It's good to hear everyone's opinions.

    Any other thoughts?..

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