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    1.You just turned 22 (which is the age you planned on being married and preggers). So, you and your best friend take a trip to Rome to take your mind off of it.

    2.You meet a really HOT Italian guy there and you ask his name. He asks your name
    What is your name ?
    Annabelle Kate Bradford

    What is his name?
    Alonso Davide Battista

    3.You spent the rest of that trip with him. And he comes home with you. 6 mos. later you two tie the knot. and 3 mos after that, out pops your first baby except... Theirs 2 girls! (P.S. you were preggo for the 6 mos. you were dating each other.) They have strictly Italian names and they have the same initials. You name them:
    1. Elenora Carlotta (Ellie)
    2. Evelina Chiara (Eva)

    4.2 yrs. later you are pregs again! You are planning the twins' TERRIBLE TWOS birthday party in your 3rd trimester! Your husband helps too. Okay, the day of the party you are in the kitchen talking with the other moms and you feel water rushing down your legs! and you shout "Oh No, its time!!!" and everyone rushes u 2 the hospital.

    5.7 hours later you give life to 2 beautiful healthy baby girls and 2 handsome healthy baby boys! The first and middle names begin with A B C and D. You name them:
    1. Amelia Ava
    2. Bradley Benjamin
    3. Clementine Claira
    4. Desmond Drew

    6.So here you are 2 years later. The twins are entering year 1 in preschool and the quads enter terrible twos. you feel content with six children but miss having a baby around. so 5 months after trying, you get pregnant again! This time you choose to find out that you are having twins! B/G. Their names begin with G's and they have 2 middles. You name them:
    1. Gale Dashiell James
    2. Grace Violet Jane

    7.3 years later the 1st twins are 7 and r in 2nd grade, the quads are 5 and are in kindergarden, and the 2nd twins are 3 and in preschool Now you have 8 kids but your husband wants more! You use protection 4 the first 2 mos. and then let loose and be as violent as you can! 2 weeks of trying brings you to Octoplets!!!!!! 5 girls and 3 boys! You want them all to be named after family You pick Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro, Cousin, and Aunt. The names follow. They are:
    1. Isabelle Cherye
    2. Kenneth Elijah
    3. Stella Lynette
    4. Matthew Jack
    5. Charlotte Helen
    6. Calvin Joseph
    7. Sophie Natalia
    8. Pippa Nicole

    8.It sounds CRAZY but just 1 year after birthing the octos, you feel you are physically, emotionally, and financially ready to get preg. again!!!! You know you want to and you do. But since we cannot control faith you are impregnated with 5 tiny girls! You give them feminine names You call them:
    1. Cecilia Madeleine
    2. Seraphina Claire
    3. Juliet Evangeline
    4. Eleanor Maeve
    5. Aurora Caroline

    9.( 3 yrs. later)God's Christmas present to you is a posotive pregnancy test!!!! You and your rather large family are freaking out! Your children are now ages 11(x2), 9(x4), 7(x2), 4(x8), and 3(x5). And you have a total of 21 kids! You choose to find out that you are having a party of 7! ALL BOYS! Which makes 28 kids!!! These babies are over due by 1 month! But when they finally come out, you give them names that have the last 7 letters of the alphabet T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. They are:
    1. Tristan Levi Battista
    2. Umber Noah Battista
    3. Vincent Jude Battista
    4. Wade Charlie Battista
    5. Xander Ethan Battista
    6. Yves Gabriel Battista
    7. Zachary Crew Battista

    10.(2 years later)You and your family Take a vaca. to Bermuda! You and your husband are, for some reason, VERY turned by each other and accidentally get yourself pregnant again! and this one was a total ACCIDENT! And accidents happen, but this time *THANK GOODNESS* its your first singleton (boy). You go crazy looking for a name! But then at your job as a part-time nurse, the newest male nurse starts the same day you were just settling on Bob Bill.
    What is the new Nurses name?: Silas Henry
    What is your new sons name?: Henry Sawyer Battista

    11.(2 yrs. later)So today when the 15 yr old twins get home from school and share with the news of their teacher being pregnant, you have a flashback to the fond and not-so-fond memories of when all the other kids were babies and start to miss the feeling of cradling a newborn in your arms and taking it home for the first time and you just miss everything about it. Then after a heated couple of nights in the bedroom you notice that you missed your period, 3 of them. And most likely the test is a +. Your definite last pregnancy is a singleton boy. And you name him: Drew Maxwell Battista

    and he is # 30. You now have 15 boys and 15 girls!
    Primrose Lucinda Amelia Clara
    William Jack Hugo Edmund

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