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    Middles take 2! What do you think?

    Thanks for all the comments on previous post. Here's a revised list (with my thoughts on each!)
    Morgana Rachel? Hedley - Love Morgana but not sure if Rachel is right in the middle... Can't think of anything better though. Any ideas - needs to not end in either a or ee sounds?
    Flora Evelyn Hedley - I love this name but not sure if a bit over the top for me to use? Hubby doesn't like Evelyn. Hmm think may scratch this one...
    Katherine Morgana/Jemima Hedley - Can't decide which middle name I like best with Katherine. What do you think?
    Emma Katherine Hedley - I love Emma and Katherine.
    Cara ? Hedley - I absolutely love Cara but can't find a good middle for it (again need one which doesn't end in a or ee sounds...) Any ideas?
    Rose Matilda Hedley - I love Rose but is it too much with Rowan? Definitely prefer Matilda in the middle.
    Jessica Lauren Hedley - I just love the name Jessica regardless of what everyone else thinks...

    My fav name at the moment is Jessica Lauren and I love Rose. Hubby loves Emma Katherine and Jessica Lauren. We both love Morgana and Cara but only if we can find good middles for them - ideas please! Rowan now wants to name her Barbie after finding my old dolls in a box so I suppose we could go with that as a back up!!!!


    Minnie x

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    Re: Middles take 2! What do you think?

    Hey there,

    How about Morgana Katherine? I think it has a nice flow! Or Morgana Rose, or maybe Morgana Evelyn?

    I'm not a big fan of Flora myself, probably because I'm a Laura and as a child people teased me by calling me Laura Flora lol (it's a type of margerine in the UK!) I do quite like Florence or Florentina though if you've considered those?

    Katherine Jemima Hedley is my favourite Katherine combo because I love love love the name Jemima!!

    I also love Cara, sound and meaning! Cara Evelyn, Cara Morgan, Cara Louise, Cara Madeleine, Cara Jessamine (you get the Jess sound without the repeating "a" endings). I also think that because Cara is short and only two syllables, a 3 syllable "a" ending name actually sounds really nice in the middle as long as it's not too rhymey. For example Cara Morgana rhymes too much for me but I think Cara Jemima, Cara Sophia, Cara Matilda, Cara Francesca, Cara Georgina, Cara Natalia etc all sound great! Other ideas not ending in "a" are Cara Imogen, Cara Elizabeth, Cara Harriet, Cara Eloise, Cara Annabel, Cara Mirabelle, Cara Beatrice, Cara Josephine, Cara Rhiannon, Cara Lillian, Cara Juliette, Cara Rosemary, Cary Rosamund, Cara Clementine (too cutesy?), Cara Giselle, Cara Adelaide, Cara Eleanor or Cara Vivienne?

    Rose and Rowan, I'm not sure if it's too much. Maybe. It's a little cutesy and matchy, it depends if you plan on having more children as if you have another, he or she may seem left out unless you called them Robert or Romilly! And also is Rowan a boy or a girl? Rose is very lovely as a first name though.

    I also think Jessica is a beautiful name. I probably wouldn't use it msyelf just because I know so many my age and I like finding names not as many people know, but to me Jessica is somewhat of a classic. I can imagine by the time I have grandchildren (I don't have children yet! hehe) than people will be turning back to names like Jessica for their soft, feminine beauty. I think for most people on these boards they just react negatively because they know so many Jessica's or grew up with so many themselves. But then everyone knows an Elizabeth too so why can't Jessica be used again? If anything, to me anyway, it would stand out more right now than the millions of Ava's, Sophia's, Isabella's Olivia's and Chloe's being born these days! If you do want to go another route though, have you considered Jessamine (I love the meaning!), Jessa, or Jessenia? Just maybe as a way of making Jessica a little more unique.

    I'm not sure I like the flow of Jessica Lauren Hedley though and I think maybe the pairing of Jessica and Lauren together make the name sound more dated. Maybe Jessica Katherine, Jessica Evelyn, Jessica Rose, Jessica Charlotte, Jessica Summer, Jessica Scarlett, Jessica Elizabeth, Jessica Eve, Jessica Florence, Jessica Annabel, Jessica Seren, Jessica Willow (nice subtle tree theme with Rowan too!), Jessica Mary, Jessica Iris, Jessica Lilac, Jessica Edith, Jessica May, Jessica Ruth, Jessica Blythe, Jessica Frances, Jessica Pearl or Jessica Eleanor - too me these combos bring out the classic side of Jessica rather than the dated 90s side which maybe Lauren emphasises? If that makes any sense! Sorry, lol.

    Of your list I like Katherine Jemima Hedley and Emma Katherine Hedley (would have been Rose Matilda if it weren't for Rowan) but taking liberties with middle names, my fav combos are:

    Cara Josephine Hedley
    Cara Louise Hedley
    Cara Jessamine Hedley
    Cara Francesca Hedley
    Cara Sophia Hedley
    Cara Matilda Hedley
    Jessica Katherine Hedley
    Jessica Rose Hedley
    Jessica Eve Hedley
    Jessica Willow Hedley
    Jessica May Hedley
    Jessica Frances Hedley

    I think Cara and Jessica are my favourite of your first names, Rose is gorgeous but I'd worry about it matching with Rowan, I like Katherine and Emma just not as much as the others and Flora or Morgana are not really my style but I can see their appeal (my partners last name is Morgan so it seems surnamey to me!)

    Best of luck

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    Re: Middles take 2! What do you think?

    Thanks so much Laura! I should have probably said that I already have 2 sons named Rowan Alexander and Laurence Christopher.

    I do like Morgana Katherine and Morgana Rose - although don't really want to use Rose as middle.

    Sorry not a fan of Florentina and Florence is too much with Laurence - which is a shame because I really like the name.

    I think I prefer Katherine Jemima too. Alexander (hub) loves Morgana though!

    I do like Cara Jemima and Cara Francesca.

    Still undecided about Rose... Does it make a difference that Rowan is a boy?

    Sorry don't like Jessamine, Jessa or Jessenia. I do like Jessica Katherine though!

    List is now:
    Morgana Katherine Hedley
    Katherine Jemima Hedley
    Emma Katherine Hedley
    Cara Francesca/Jemima Hedley
    Rose Matilda Hedley
    Jessica Lauren/Katherine Hedley

    Thanks for the input!
    Minnie x

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