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    Re: Can you guide a child to two different nicknames?

    I have an 11 year old cousin named Elizabeth. She goes by Beth for short and always has. But our grandmother has always called her Lizzie, and it has never been confusing or caused any problems. Maybe it's b/c it's only one person calling her a different name? Either way, I think Betsey and Eliza are both adorable, especially Eliza!

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    Re: Can you guide a child to two different nicknames?

    Quote Originally Posted by phoebesmom
    Oh, you know she will! Just to break her nickname-loving mama's heart!
    Haha, you are probably right! Luckily, I love Elizabeth as is! And I love almost all the nicknames... Though I do hope she won't want to be Liz, it's so my generationm and Lizzy sounds way too much like Lyndsay.

    I'm glad to hear of Betsys that kept Betsy as they got older! I have met two, and to be honest, the prospect of an adult Betsey is part of what I love about it! When i met the one Betsy and she introduced herself, I was seriously blown over! She was so pretty and stylish and cool and I was expecting a more common name, but when she said Betsy, man, it was exciting! So, that really is what I hope for more than Eliza. I do LOVE Eliza, but I think there are enough of them out there already.

    I think every single one of you is right, which is difficult because there were a lot of varying opinions! I realize I can't force a nickname on her once she reaches a certain age, and I would never say to a 12 year old "ok, you're going to go by Eliza now!". I know different people will nickname her different things and I'm totally cool with that. But she will end up with one that is her main name, and I do think that whatever I call her from birth is what that is likely to be (my mom was called Kitty from birth, and even though she always thought it was weird, it never occurred to her that she could change it!). So, yeah. I think I'll just drop Eliza and make everyone call her Betsey while I have control over it. If she wants to change it when she gets older, so be it!

    Thank you all for the input, you all made me think about it from so many different perspectives!
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