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    Middles take 2! What do you think?

    Thanks for all the comments on previous post. Here's a revised list (with my thoughts on each!)
    Morgana Rachel? Hedley - Love Morgana but not sure if Rachel is right in the middle... Can't think of anything better though. Any ideas - needs to not end in either a or ee sounds?
    Flora Evelyn Hedley - I love this name but not sure if a bit over the top for me to use? Hubby doesn't like Evelyn. Hmm think may scratch this one...
    Katherine Morgana/Jemima Hedley - Can't decide which middle name I like best with Katherine. What do you think?
    Emma Katherine Hedley - I love Emma and Katherine.
    Cara ? Hedley - I absolutely love Cara but can't find a good middle for it (again need one which doesn't end in a or ee sounds...) Any ideas?
    Rose Matilda Hedley - I love Rose but is it too much with Rowan? Definitely prefer Matilda in the middle.
    Jessica Lauren Hedley - I just love the name Jessica regardless of what everyone else thinks...

    My fav name at the moment is Jessica Lauren and I love Rose. Hubby loves Emma Katherine and Jessica Lauren. We both love Morgana and Cara but only if we can find good middles for them - ideas please! Rowan now wants to name her Barbie after finding my old dolls in a box so I suppose we could go with that as a back up!!!!


    Minnie x

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