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    Re: We love our kids!

    My Gwendolyn will be two and a half next month. The other day, on the way home, she said "How your day was, Mommy?" It was so funny, but I usually just end up saying, oh it was good or something like that (I mean, how much detail does she need!?!?). But then in the car this week, she said "How your day was, Daddy?" and DH said "Good. Did you have a good day, Gwennie?" She said, "No." We both turn around and kind of perk up to hear what was wrong with her day at daycare. "I had AWESOME day!" It was hysterical!

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    Re: We love our kids!

    I just had to post on this thread!
    My sons William and Alexander are 4, and while they are twins they are definitely fraternal (William has blond curls and blue eyes and Alexander has dark brown curls and green/gray eyes) but people all the time say to them 'you must be fraternal' and William asked me once if Fraternal was a bad thing and I told him that it just meant that they weren't the same/didn't look the same. Well the next time we went out an old woman came up to them and said that they must be fraternal twins and William and Alexander, without missing a beat both stuck out their tongues then said 'nope we are identical, we can both do the same things' The old lady just burst out laughing, patted them on the heads and walked on. I had so much fun telling my husband about it after the fact.
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    Re: We love our kids!

    These stories are so cute and funny, I had to revive this thread! And I wanted to add a story of my own...

    Even though my partner has a dog that my daughter loves very much, she really wanted her "own" dog. So, we took her to pick out a big stuffed animal dog and got it a collar/leash/bowl and other doggy toys so she could practice taking care of it. She loves the dog and drags it around every where, and the other day we were at the grocery store, and this lady came up to Indy and said, "oh your dog is so cute!" and started petting it. I've always taught Indy that you have to ask before petting someone else's dog, and this lady didn't ask, so Indy immediately pulls the dog away and goes, "Watch out, he's gonna bite you!" The lady looked so startled since it was just a stuffed dog! And Indy had this like squished up face like she was going to growl and she was very serious. It was too funny and cute
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    Re: We love our kids!

    This is a great thread!

    The other day my five-year-old son, Benny, tried on his Superman Halloween costume from last Halloween. He was really into his cape, so he was running all around the house to make it "fly." I was sitting at the kitchen table paying some bills when I hear a loud voice sing, "SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!" Benny came running into the kitchen at top speed and crashed into the dishwasher. He didn't cry, he just looked a little stunned as he sat on the floor. Then he said, "Mommy?" I replied, "Yes, Benny?" He said, in a very quiet, serious voice, "I think that was my kryptonite." I started laughing SO HARD!!!!

    The people that live across the street from us have a little girl, Coralie, who's in Benny's kindergarten class, too. They are good friends and always play together. They're both convinced that my next-door neighbor is a witch, since she has dead trees in her front yard that cover her dark, shabby house. And the fence between my house and hers is so tall. Benny says, "It's so tall cuz she don't want us to see her making potions and doing spells." Coralie agrees. The fence is much taller than them, and they're always curious of what goes on in her lawn. So I was sitting in the dining room, putting our photo album together, the screen door open so I could see and hear the kids playing in the yard. I heard whispers and giggles so I walked outside to check on them. I saw Benny beside the fence, on his hands and knees in the grass, and Coralie standing on his back, peeking over the fence. I started laughing at how cute they were, and then I guess I scared them cuz Coralie came crashing down on top of Benny. It was so funny!
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