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    Problems With the New Site

    I'm liking a lot of the new updates to the site, but I'm noticing quite a few problems:

    -If you click on a name with boy/girl descriptions, it always defaults to the boy version.

    -I've stopped receiving the newsletter. Kind of a bummer because I always looked forward to seeing it in my inbox every morning.

    -General slowness - pages take FOREVER to load. I'm on a very fast connection and I've never had this problem before the site update, so I'm assuming the changes to the site must be causing the slowdown.

    -I'm often unable to access Nameberry and I keep getting "timed out" error messages.

    -Also, one issue I'm having with the new forums is how tiny the text is. Could the font size be bumped up just a bit?

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    Re: Problems With the New Site

    yes I'm getting the wheel of death a lot.

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    Re: Problems With the New Site

    Quote Originally Posted by wildsyringa
    -If you click on a name with boy/girl descriptions, it always defaults to the boy version.
    It was that way on the original Nameberry when you searched for a name - if it had entries for both genders it always went to the boy's description. On the forum links, there probably wouldn't be a way to specify what gender it should link to. What could probably be done is do the same as what now happens when you search for a name - go to a page that shows the multiple possible entries.

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    Re: Problems With the New Site

    I can't delete my Private Messages and my inbox is already over 50% full! I've been using that function a lot lately - well, since it was created - but every time I try to delete the old ones, nothing happens. I've followed the instructions:

    1) Mark the messages you want to delete.
    2) In the scroll down box, highlight "Delete Marked Messages."
    3) Press "Go."
    4) Press "Yes." in the pop-up box.

    And...nothing! I'm worried that I'll soon be unable to use the function because my inbox only holds 50 messages I believe and I'm somewhere around 26 or so. Help, NB!

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    Re: Problems With the New Site

    At least I'm not the only one who isn't getting her daily e-mail update! I guess that is good -- or maybe bad.

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