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    Re: Anna-Jean vs. Anna-Kate vs. Anna-Lee!

    Hmm, I think they're all really cute. I think my favorite is Anna Jean because I really like Jean and I think it's underused, and paired with Anna I think it's really sweet and unexpected. Anna Lee I would like more is it was one word, like Annalee or Annalie or however it's supposed to be spelled. I had a great dog named this when i was younger, so I really love it. Anna Kate is also really sweet, but to me it's just a little boring. Still really pretty and a nice name, though.
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    Re: Anna-Jean vs. Anna-Kate vs. Anna-Lee!

    Anna-Kate gets my vote!
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    Re: Anna-Jean vs. Anna-Kate vs. Anna-Lee!

    My name is Anna-Jean! i was named after my grandpas sister! It is such an old name but I would just like to say that it is probaly the best name ever because like no one has that name!! But its weird when no one can ever pronounce it when its so obvious, Anna Jean!!! ha so good luck with whatever name you pick! In the long run she will love her name because its uniquic!
    sorry cant spell!
    the name is not Jean or Anna it is Annajean! i love this name and lots of women tell me that i have a gorgeous name and yes its country, im lucky that that is what i like! I wouldnt put the - either but its all the same!

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    Re: Anna-Jean vs. Anna-Kate vs. Anna-Lee!

    Definitely not Anna-Lee. It will become Anally as soon as elementary kids figure it out.

    Anna-Jean would be my favorite.

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