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    Combinations of names with similar meanings?


    One of our fav girls names at the moment is Rosa Briallen. Do you think it's a problem that they both mean rose (well rose and primrose...)? Sort of similar to naming your daughter Ruby Scarlet - which flows nicely to my ear but I would think is a bit odd if I heard them together. Am I over thinking?

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    Re: Combinations of names with similar meanings?

    I don't see a problem with it. It's not like your naming her Rosa Primrose That being said, I'm not sure if I would do it myself, but it wouldn't bother me if someone else did. You probably are over thinking it - but we all do that! I'm not sure if you wanted suggestions but here are some anyway (if nothing else, they may make you see if Rosa Briallen is "the one" or not!)

    Rosa Beatrice
    Rosa Bronwen/Bronwyn
    Rosa Bryony
    Rosa Bellamy
    Rosa Bernadette
    Rosa Bethany
    Rosa Brynn
    Rosa Rhiannon
    Rosa Elowen
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    Re: Combinations of names with similar meanings?

    I don't think it is a problem at all! Also no one will probaly know what Briallen means also it is a middle name and no one outside the family is really going to know what her middle name is. Go for it
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    Re: Combinations of names with similar meanings?

    I really like the way Rosa Briallen flows. I dont mind that they both have similar meanings. I'm pretty impressed with Briallen, to be honest. It's a modern name, but it has roots in terms of it's meaning.

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    Re: Combinations of names with similar meanings?

    It wouldn't bother me at all! Like pp said, you're not actually naming her Rose Primrose. I love the flow of Rosa Briallen too. Rosa also means pink in Spanish, if that helps!

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