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Thread: 8 years apart

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    Re: 8 years apart

    We currently have five kids in our house ranging in age from 8-14. They are ALL very excited about their little brothers who will be arriving in june. If you are close to your children they will be close to each other.

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    Re: 8 years apart

    Well, 8 year olds are tough, and when the baby gets all the attention, she'll definately be jealous and there'll be a little sibling rivalry. But once the baby isn't so new anymore, your 8 year old will feel accepted, too. It's hard to have a younger sibling. But your kids will learn to love eachother, they'll have to. My sister and my brother are 6 years apart, and they get along just fine. The farther apart in age, the less fights there'll be about wanting to borrow clothes, having crushes on the same boy/girl, etc.
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    Re: 8 years apart

    My sister and I are almost 8 years apart, and yes, there has been jealousy and rivalry at times, but ultimately we absolutely adore each other!

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    Re: 8 years apart

    I am 8 years older than my sister (she is 6, im 14), and it's nice. We don't fight much because of it, and there's no competition. She's cute and looks up to me. My parents really appreciate the age difference, actually.
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