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Thread: 8 years apart

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    Re: 8 years apart

    My dad has almost 20 years between him and his oldest brother they have always been really close and gotten along very well, and there is 6 years between me and my oldest sister and we are very close as well. I feel you can't really judge by the number of years between them whether or not they will be close
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    Re: 8 years apart

    My sister and I are 9.5 years apart, it was so much fun for me! I got to help my mom out with a lot of things since I was old enough to understand. My sister and I are inseparable, and she thinks of me as her second mother. I think that as long as you make sure that your 8yo is involved with the baby, everything will be great Congrats!

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    Re: 8 years apart

    Thanks for so many positive responses! I really think my girls will be close, and I'm so excited to see them together! It's just something I've never really went through and needed to hear others' experiences. Thanks again!

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    Re: 8 years apart

    Don't listen to the negative comments! I have a friend with an 8 to 10 year gap between her and her sister (I can't remember exactly) and she says how she thinks that is the perfect age difference. Whereas her other sister, only a couple of years younger than her, was often trying to copy her growing up, rooting around in her things and stealing her clothes, and they fight like you wouldn't believe, my friend and the youngest sister get on swimmingly. The little sister is young enough to idolise my friend, and my friend is older enough to find her adorable. It works perfectly!

    Your children may or may not be close in the long run, I can't tell, but it will have little to do with age. Sure, sisters closer in age will share experiences like gossiping over boys and make up in their teenage years, but sisters with years apart will still have shared experiences from growing up in the same family, and will probably form a bond while young based on the older caring for the younger. Aside from that, when they are adults eight years will make little difference, and I'm sure that your new little one will value the advice your older daughter will be able to give, matured enough past the season of life that the younger is at to reflect clearly on it, but still close enough to it to remember how she felt at that age.

    Good luck! Auburn

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    Re: 8 years apart

    My sister is 20 years older than me. We have a different situation, because we never lived together, but we're close. We don't ever fight and I feel like I can tak to her about things. Her boyfriends have to be "Lily-approved" and she's gotta know what's going on in my life. In the end, we love each other and we're sisters, and I really don't think it matters how far apart in age we are.
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