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Thread: 8 years apart

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    Re: 8 years apart

    My aunt has a 13 year old and a 5 year old. She tried for years, and had several IVF attempts to get pregnant again. The girls get along in a different way that girls who are only a year or two apart do, but they get along. They have different sibling issues than those born close together--but no more problems---if that makes any sense.

    And don't mind what other people think. I know it's easier said than done, but you made the decisions based on your life situation. They don't know your life story. And after I say that, I'll say that I admire and respect your decision not to raise more children than you felt comfortable with while your husband was so far away. My father was away with the military a lot...and it was very hard. I respect someone who can shed social "norms" and follow the timing that is right for them.

    Good for you! And congrats on your second

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    Re: 8 years apart

    I don't have any advice for you, but my brother is twelve years older than me and I don't think we could be any closer! I have never fallen out with him, and I think I always have thought he was the most amazing person in the world. I don't know if that would have been different if the age gap had been smaller, but I have never wished we had been closer in age and it has never caused any problems. In fact, for most things it is better that he is older than me and I can't think of a reason why they might not be close as siblings because there is an eight year age gap.

    Good luck, and I'm sure everything will work out fine

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    Re: 8 years apart

    I am 3 years older than my sister, and then 10 years later came my little brother. My mom said he was her easiest baby because she had 2 other mothers to help. We were close when he was little and remain close now. He started Kindergarten when I started college and he had so much fun coming and helping me get my dorm room ready. He remembers when I read him the first few Harry Potters. And then, when he was 13, I had my daughter. It is so neat to see him -my first "baby"-with her! I can't wait for him to turn 16 next year so I can have a chauffeur for her!! As to how my mom raised us, she was much stricter with me. By the time he got around to do anything, she was like "whatever!" But he has so many people in town looking over his shoulder-my parents' friends, my friends, my sister's friends-that he has to be pretty good!

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    Re: 8 years apart

    I'm sure everyone's been giving you great advice, and I just wanted to add that my friend's older sister has a son who is 14 and just had a baby daughter last year (about a 12 year age difference). Her older son absolutely ADORES his young sister. He loves to spend time with her, and I think that when he goes to college and then comes home for breaks, etc, it will be really exciting because his sister will still be young and will have so much to share with him. Plus, since she's so little, he never fights with her or says anything mean about or to her, since she's just a baby. My friend's sister thinks that alone is such a blessing! I hope everyone goes well with your family! Good luck!


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    Re: 8 years apart

    My oldest sister is 8 years older than me. There are two other siblings in between but to me she has always been someone I look up to, I seek out her advice and I know I can count on her to take care of me if I need her to.
    On a note more similar to your children, my other sister has a boy and a girl 8 years apart (the girl is older). They get along just fine. The boy is just two years old now, but his sister loves him more than anything and they play together alot. Also, it is amazing to watch her teaching him things (letters and numbers right now). Plus, she helps my sister to take care of him (my sister is a single mother) and you can already tell that he looks up to her. Personally, due to my experience and what I have seen, I don't think you will have a problem at all. And it will be lovely for your older daughter to be able to remember her little sister as an infant, and to watch her grow up.
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