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  • Esme Alice Jane

    4 12.12%
  • Esme Violet Jane

    11 33.33%
  • Esme Lilah Jane

    9 27.27%
  • Esme Alice

    2 6.06%
  • Esme Jane

    7 21.21%
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    The final list - place your vote!

    Hi Nameberries

    Well I'm a week overdue and am hoping I won't have to be induced on Monday. I think we've settled on Esme for the first name but would love your input on the middle name. Alice and Jane are family names so both are contenders and I'm also contemplating a flower name and am wondering if two middle names is too much.

    Thanks again

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    Re: The final list - place your vote!

    I voted for Esme Violet Jane, but they're all nice. Esme, Alice, and Jane are all Twilight names, just to warn you...
    cordelia ~ jessamine ~ alice ~ louisa ~ maeve ~ julia ~ eloise ~ fiona ~ genevieve
    matthias ~ william ~ henry ~ finn ~ benjamin ~ frederick ~ leander

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    Re: The final list - place your vote!

    I adore the name Esme and wanted to use it for my daughter born in 2006. My partner had a bad Aunty Esme who had stolen the family farm so I was forbidden from using it.

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    Re: The final list - place your vote!

    Thanks for the votes! The great name debate will end soon - I'm soooo overdue! I'm leaning towards 2 middle names - I just need to convince the hubby that it's not too much name!
    Thanks again .. . I guess I need to decide between Esme Violet Jane and Esme Lilah Jane.

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