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    Re: What about these?

    Lyra - Not sure how you pronounce it if its lie-ruh i hate it. if its leer-uh i like
    Eleanora/Eleanor - I really enjoy this name, it's very classy and I like the nickname nora and el
    Genevieve (mn) - very vintage, great mn
    Nola - eh... if its like nolan i dont like it that much
    Eugenia - so ew!
    Keturah - ... that kindda seems like a stupid name sorry
    Delilah - love it ^^
    Daphne - it reminds me too much of scooby doo
    Anastasia - eh its okay, -shrug.
    Louisa - i love it
    Georgiana - i like gorgina better,
    Leonie - depends how you pronounce
    Francesca - i loove it

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    Re: What about these?

    Delilah & Daphne are my favorites from your list. Both are really pretty names: depth and beauty.

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