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    What about these?

    I have a short list. I'd like you to tell me what you think. Be honest.
    Genevieve (mn)
    Declan - Malcolm - Axel - Leo - Phoenix

    Freya - Daisy - Lola - Doone - Clementine

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    Re: What about these?

    Lyra: I think it's really pretty, but there might be pronunciation issues (leera vs lye-ra)...

    Eleanora/Eleanor: I really like both, but I know so many Eleanors that Eleanora seems much more distinct. I love all the nicknames!

    Genevieve: I love Genevieve! It's one of my favorites.

    Nola: I don't really like Nola. It seems nicknamey, plus I'm just not a fan of the sound.

    Eugenia: It's pretty, but I'm not a huge fan.

    Keturah: I don't like this name, but I usually don't like names that end in H, for some reason.

    Delilah: Same as Keturah; plus, I find Delilah kind of wispy and juvenile.

    Daphne: I love Daphne!

    Anastasia: It's nice, but doesn't really do anything for me.

    Louisa: I LOVE Louisa, it's one of my favorite names.

    Georgiana: I've never really like the George names, but this is my favorite of them.

    Leonie: I really like Leonie. It should be used more often.

    Francesca: It's lovely; I also really like Frances.

    My favorites are Genevieve, Daphne, Louisa, Leonie, and Francesca, but they're all nice, really.
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    Re: What about these?

    Eleanora/Eleanor: I really like this name!
    Genevieve (mn): Not one of my favourites
    Nola: I like this alot!
    Eugenia: Sounds like a geek to me, sorry
    Keturah: I find it, interesting...
    Delilah: Really love this name!
    Daphne: Its OK
    Anastasia: Oeh, i like it!
    Louisa: Dont care for it, like Louise better
    Georgiana: My granny escaped!, no sorry i find this an old lady name. It may 'age very well' but i dont see it on someone under 50
    Leonie: Bad associations
    Francesca: Dont care for it really.

    My favourites are Eleanor/a, Delilah and Nola

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    Re: What about these?

    Lyra: Pretty, but sounds like a made up name.
    Eleanora/Eleanor: I love the name Eleanor; it's beautiful. Eleanora sounds like a mouthful to me, though.
    Genevieve (mn): I like it both as a first name and a middle name.
    Nola: I love this name! It sounds very fun.
    Eugenia: Old fashioned, in a bad way.
    Keturah: Too out there for me, like something out of a science fiction novel.
    Delilah: Very pretty, but might become a little trendy.
    Daphne: A very classic name, although it reminds me of Scooby-Doo. And it sounds like a name a stuffy old woman would have.
    Anastasia: I personally love this name. But I don't like the name Stacy, which is often a nickname.
    Louisa: Once again very classic. And old fashioned, but in a good way. Reminds me of flowers and blonde hair.
    Georgiana: I like it, but might be a little stuffy. I think of Georgiana Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.
    Leonie: I think this name is wonderful; it's so pretty.
    Francesca: I think of the movie Casanova when I hear this name. And it sounds old to me.

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    Re: What about these?

    Lyra- I think it is a very pretty name, short and simple, while not my style. However, I much prefer the pronunciation LIE-rah to LEE-rah... which are you using?

    Eleanora/Eleanor- I love Eleanora/Eleanor. I prefer the more streamlined Eleanor to the embellished Eleanora, though both are beautiful.

    Genevieve (mn)- I also love Genevieve! It's one of my favorite French names :-)

    Nola- I think Nola is a darling nickname for something like Magnolia but it's too nickname-y for me as a full name.

    Eugenia- I'm not a big fan: it's still fairly cemented in granny days for me :-) I really like the similar but more musical Eulalie though.

    Keturah- I haven't heard of this name before... I'm guessing you pronounce it how it's spelled?

    Delilah- Delilah is quite pretty but not my favorite...

    Daphne- I think Daphne is a pretty name but I prefer Phoebe a bit more. Both have the same Greek feel though.

    Anastasia- Anastasia is a beautiful name but might be a bit much for some people without a nickname...

    Louisa- I love Louisa!

    Georgiana- I love Georgiana as well, especially pronounced George-ee-aw-nah. George-jay-nuh is also pretty but not my favorite.

    Leonie- Pretty but not my style.

    Francesca- Like Anastasia, I think it's beautiful but it's quite long and I'm not loving many of its nicknames.

    My favorites, in order, are Eleanor, Louisa, Genevieve and then Georgiana.

    Good luck! :-)

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