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    LEGITIMATE Alternate Spellings

    We see many different threads here on Nameberry, and I think many (if not most) of us agree that we don't like yooneek spellings, but what about different valid spellings?

    I was wondering which spellings of the following names you prefer. Please add more to this list for future posters if any pop to mind.

    Elizabeth vs. Elisabeth
    Rachel vs. Rachael
    Katherine vs. Catherine (or Katharine)
    Sofia vs. Sophia
    Nora vs. Norah
    Cecilia vs. Cecelia
    Ann vs. Anne
    Claire vs. Clare
    Eleanor vs. Elinor
    Susannah vs. Susanna
    Rebecca vs. Rebekah
    Hannah vs. Hanna (or Hana)
    Lee vs. Leigh
    Kara vs. Cara
    Katrina vs. Catriona (pr. the same)
    Kaitlin vs. Caitlin
    Madeline vs. Madeleine
    Lina vs. Lena
    Leila vs. Layla
    Lynn vs. Linn
    Laura vs. Lora
    Finn vs. Fin
    Briony vs. Bryony
    Greer vs. Grier
    Leah vs. Lea
    Sarah vs. Sara
    Steven vs. Stephen
    Blythe vs. Blithe
    Maia vs. Maya
    Molly vs. Mollie
    Isabelle vs. Isabel (or Isobel)
    Stuart vs. Stewart

    (I edited to include other people's suggestions)

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    Re: LEGITIMATE Alternate Spellings

    Elizabeth: I like both I think, but id write with a Z,
    Rachel: No A! I myself would think of the A.
    Katherine: dont like much C names
    Sophia: It feels better this way, and my SIL is named Sophie
    Nora: Without the H, its really sweet
    Cecilia: looks better this way
    Anne: Ann feels incomplete.
    Claire: feels better
    Eleanor: Deff this way!
    Susannah: With H feels complete.
    Rebecca: like it better written down

    This are my likings :)

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    Re: LEGITIMATE Alternate Spellings

    To add a few others...

    Hana or Hannah or Hanna
    Lee or Leigh
    Kara or Cara

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    Re: LEGITIMATE Alternate Spellings

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