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    Re: LEGITIMATE Alternate Spellings

    Elizabeth vs. Elisabeth ELIZABETH, definitely.
    Rachel vs. Rachael RACHEL.
    Katherine vs. Catherine (or Katharine) BOTH. For some reason, if it's a first name, I like Katherine because I prefer Kate to Cate but if it's a middle name I like Catherine.
    Sofia vs. Sophia SOPHIA.
    Nora vs. Norah NORA.
    Cecilia vs. Cecelia CECELIA.
    Ann vs. Anne ANNE.
    Claire vs. Clare CLAIRE.
    Eleanor vs. Elinor ELEANOR.
    Susannah vs. Susanna SUSANNAH.
    Rebecca vs. Rebekah REBECCA.
    Hannah vs. Hanna (or Hana) HANNAH.
    Lee vs. Leigh LEE.
    Kara vs. Cara CARA.
    Katrina vs. Catriona (pr. the same) CATRIONA, loved Katrina but hurricane ruined it for me, even though I have a lovely cousin Katrina.
    Kaitlin vs. Caitlin KAITLIN.
    Madeline vs. Madeleine MADELINE.
    Lina vs. Lena LENA.
    Leila vs. Layla LAYLA.
    Lynn vs. Linn LYNN.
    Laura vs. Lora LAURA.
    Finn vs. Fin FINN.
    Briony vs. Bryony BRYONY.
    Greer vs. Grier GREER.
    Leah vs. Lea LEAH.
    Sarah vs. Sara SARA, actually, IDK why.
    Steven vs. Stephen STEPHEN.
    Blythe vs. Blithe BLYTHE.
    Maia vs. Maya MAIA.
    Molly vs. Mollie MOLLY.
    Isabelle vs. Isabel (or Isobel) ISABEL.
    Stuart vs. Stewart STUART.

    (I edited to include other people's suggestions)[/quote]
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    Re: LEGITIMATE Alternate Spellings

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    Re: LEGITIMATE Alternate Spellings

    What about Sybil vs. Sibyl?
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    Re: LEGITIMATE Alternate Spellings

    Quote Originally Posted by whitman
    Rachel vs. Rachael - example of hyperforeignism
    (or Katharine) - Just because one celeb had her name spelled wrong doesnt make it legitimate
    Rebecca vs. Rebekah - Rebekah is one of the only misspellings I actually prefer to the legitimate one
    Kara vs. Cara
    Lynn vs. Linn
    Laura vs. Lora
    Finn vs. Fin
    Greer vs. Grier - One celebrity spelling her daughter's name this way also doesnt make it legit
    Blythe vs. Blithe
    Maia vs. Maya

    The rest are also not legitimate variations. Legit variations come from other languages using the name and changing the spelling to better fit for them, such as Ann (English) vs Anne (French) or Claire (French) vs Clare (Latin).
    Katharine Hepburn was far from the first Katharine. There are several in the Washington Post family - including Katharine Graham, the publisher at the helm with the paper was breaking the Watergate story. It's even easier to find notable Katharines in England.

    Katharine's use declined in the twentieth century as Cathryn/Kathryn caught on.

    It's not a misspelling. It's less common, but so are Isobel, Rebekah, and plenty of others.

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