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Thread: Rosemary

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    Re: Rosemary

    I prefer Rosalie (but it's my mum's name so I am biased). Also there is the film 'Rosemary's Baby' just in case you aren't aware of it.

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    Re: Rosemary

    Quote Originally Posted by jakki
    I prefer Rosalie (but it's my mum's name so I am biased). Also there is the film 'Rosemary's Baby' just in case you aren't aware of it.
    Yeah, the movie's one of the things that's holding me back from loving it 100%. What do you guys think of just Rose? And what middles do you like with Rose?
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    Re: Rosemary

    I also immediately think of Rosemary's Baby... I have personally never been a fan of Rose- names.

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    Re: Rosemary

    Love Rosemary. :) I also like Rosemarie and Rose Mae.

    Rosemary Eve is pretty, the only problem is that the first name ends with an ee sound and the middle name begins with an ee sound, which makes it sound a little Rosemareve, hehe. Eva Rosemary has a nice little flow. :D

    May I suggest~
    Rosemary Catherine/Katherine
    Rosemary Victoria
    Rosemary Alexandra
    Rosemary Louise
    Rosemary Opal
    Rosemary Christiana
    Rosemary Jemima
    Rosemary Winifred
    Rosemary Jane
    Rosemary Joan (okay, I think I'm the only one that likes that one, lol)
    Rosemary Claudia
    Rosemary Yvette
    Rosemary Wilhelmina (sp?)
    Rosemary Zelda
    Rosemary Astrid
    Rosemary Azalea
    Rosemary Chrysanthe
    Rosemary Hannah
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    Re: Rosemary

    I think Rosemary is such a fantastic name, I hope I can use it one day!! Rosemary Eve is stunning, but so is Eva Rosemary, I'm not sure how popular Eva is where you live but I know quite a few so if I was forced to pick between you two lovely combos I would pick Rosemary Eve. (If I had a Rosemary, I would so call her Romy as a nickname!)

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