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Thread: Rosemary

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    What do you think of Rosemary? I've liked it for a while, but recently started to really love it. Not pregnant or anything so my taste will probably change alot before I have a baby. What do you think of Rosemary Eve? I also love Eva Rosemary, which do you like better? Thanks. -Freya :)
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    Re: Rosemary

    I LOVE Rosemary! It's one of my favorite names (can't choose between it and Rosalie!) . I think it would be such an amazing first name. Rosemary Eve is beautiful! Eva Rosemary is also gorgeous, but I like it better the other way around!

    I hope you use Rosemary one day!
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    Re: Rosemary

    Rosemary is BEAUTIFUL! My 2 year old is named Rose (we call her Rosie) and her middle name is Mary. When she was first born people thought her entire FIRST name was Rosemary, which I didn't mind at all, but it was confusing for a while there.

    I have a feeling Rose, Rosemary, Rosalie, and names sounding like that are going to become VERY popular soon since people are looking for an alternative to Lily.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Rosemary

    I think this is the name we're going with for the baby we're expecting, if it's a girl. :) I'm trying to talk my partner into it as a full name for Romy.
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    Re: Rosemary

    I'd say Eva Rosemary. Not a fan of Rosemary, though. I used to be a fan of Eva spelled Evah. But not so much anymore.

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