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Thread: Gwendolen

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    Any suggestions for a twin sister to Gwendolen (pref. that spelling, but Gwendolyn is an option)?

    I've thought of
    Gwendolen & Annabel
    Gwendolen & Eleanora
    Gwendolen & Angelina
    Gwendolen & Cassandra (doesn't really work w/ our last name)
    Gwendolen & Isabella (I can't bring myself to use Isabella right now)
    Gwendolen & Vivienne (too much "en")
    Gwendolen & Seraphina (just because I'm slightly obsessed w/ that name)


    Lemon -- I love love love this name spelled this way. Thank you for suggesting it.
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    Re: Gwendolen/Gwendolyn and ____

    I love Gwendolen!

    How about:
    Gwendolen and Cecily- Okay, I know they are totally themed but I just cant help myself. I love the two together.
    Gwendolen and Fiona
    Gwendolen and Juliet
    Gwendolen and Elodie
    Gwendolen and Iona
    Gwendolen and Victoria
    Gwendolen and Viola
    Gwendolen and Louisa
    Gwendolen and Clara
    Gwendolen and Livia
    Gwendolen and Leonie
    Gwendolen and Beatrix
    Gwendolen and Margaret
    Gwendolen and Magnolia
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    Re: Gwendolen/Gwendolyn and ____

    The first one I thought of was Penelope, no idea why...

    Gwendolen and Penelope?

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    Re: Gwendolen/Gwendolyn and ____

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    Re: Gwendolen/Gwendolyn and ____

    I like gwendolen and Seraphina!

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