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    I'm back with the Anna-? shorter list:)

    Alright here we go:

    Anna-Brooke (I like but I'm not sure about Brooke?)
    Anna-Carys (can't let go of don't know why?)
    Anna-Faith (not sure if Grace and Faith are too much in a person's name meaning)
    Anna-Jean (like a lot but does it feel like your saying energy?)
    Anna-Jane (like the feel)
    Anna-Joyce (A combo I like the look and sound of)
    Anna-Kate (a combo I can't let go of)
    Anna-Lee (a combo that honors both my grandmothers)

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    Re: I'm back with the Anna-? shorter list:)

    Anna-Kate is on my list I like that the best. I know and Anna Grace ( not her double first name that is just her first and middle name) I like both of these the beset.

    I actually heard a girl called Ann-Mason the other day and thought that was cool! Her last name was something else so I knew for sure it was either a double fn or her mn. Anyway--thought it was sweet.


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    Re: I'm back with the Anna-? shorter list:)

    1 Anna Lee (for family remembrance)
    2 Anna Grace (two classic gems)
    3 Anna Kate ( a name that has stayed with you)
    All the best,

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