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    Your Amazing Family. BNG

    You are 25 and your Husband of 1 year is 26.
    Whats your name:
    Whats your husbands name:

    You Have always wanted a big family, and so has your husband so you start trying right away.
    two months later you find out your pregnant with triplets. You can't believe it. Your so exstatic about it. eight and a half months later you deliever 5lb triplets. 2 boys and a beautiful little girl.
    Your husband wants the boys middle names to be biblical while the girls should be virtue ( hope, joy, faith, grace .. ex. ) The first names are your favourite names.
    What are their names?

    4 years later when your triplets are 4, you decide you want another. Since you had triplets right off the bat, you know having one baby will be easy to care for you, so decide to try again. 2 months later your PREGNANT! yay, your so happy. You find out your having a little boy. Nine months later your little boy is a healthy 9lb baby. You want his first name to start with an "R" and middle name after your grandfather.
    Whats his name?

    When your triplets are 7 and you son is 3, you want another. So you try again and you get Quadruplets. 2 boys and 2 girls. Your so happy, but after this you think ts time so stop. eight months later you babies are born. You want their names to spell "HOPE" since they are amazing little bundles of joy.
    What are there names?

    Your children are now

    Your life is perfect and couldn't be any better :)
    Enjoy :)

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