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    Re: Trying a New Technique!

    Quote Originally Posted by heidie
    Narrowed things down a bit.
    • Adelaide*
    • Adele*
    • Alice*
    • Amelia*
    • Anabella*
    • Anne
    • Beatrice*
    • Belle*
    • Blythe
    • Bridget
    • Bryony
    • Caroline*
    • Catherine*
    • Cecilia*
    • Claire
    • Corinne
    Great list! My favorites are:


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    Re: Trying a New Technique!

    I include variations on some of my favs that you may or may not like.

    Adele & Adelaide-Adela-Adelia
    Amelia-Emilia, Amelie, Aurelia (This isn't a variation, just seems to be in your style range, so I thought I'd just suggest it:)
    Aveline-Is this supposed too honor a Adeline? if so, I love Adeline, too!- Hazel, Avelina, Adelina
    Catherine-Katarina, Catalina
    Cecilia-Celia-Celine-Celeste-Cecily-Celina (Yes, this is actually a name;)

    You have so many lovely choices! You can't go wrong (I wouldn't spell Abigail Abigayle, it looks kinda yooneek)


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    Re: Trying a New Technique!

    My sister's niece is named Cadence nn. Cadie (it might be with a K)
    Baby #5 due end of April

    My kids
    Anderson Cole (Anders) 7
    Trenton Jaxon (Trent, Jax) 5
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    Re: Trying a New Technique!

    I like Acadia, Adelaide, Augustana, Bryony, Caoimhe, and Cecilia.

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    Re: Trying a New Technique!

    The A names.

    I'm not fond of :
    Abigayle - a popular name, although nice, and I think that this alternative spelling takes away the nice vintage feel of the name.
    Acadia - I think 'arcade'. I just can't really get on board with this one ... If he likes Cadie, he might like Sadie?
    Ainsley - not pretty enough to be used on girls, in my honest opinion.
    Annemarie - the names separately, Anne/a and Marie/a/Mary, are complete classics, but I often find that combination names like this detract from the individual beauty of each name.
    Arielle - it just feels like it would get lost in a see of similar sounding names, like Arianna.
    Ashleigh - I find this one dated, and it's not helped by the alternative spelling.
    Audra - without the glamour of Audrey Hepburn, I can't say that I find the sounds of this name particularly appealing.
    Augustana - I haven't come across this variation before, although Augusta and Augustina are definitely legitimate. To be honest, they feel a little too musty to me, anyhow.

    Middle of the road :
    Amelia - the popularity means that I personally would steer clear of this one as a first name, although it is a pretty choice.
    Anabella - for me, the relative simplicity of Annabel is preferable, although it is popular.
    Anne - an ultimate classic, but it doesn't excite me. I do, however, have a soft spot for Anna.
    Aurora - pretty, but I don't love it.
    Aveline - growing on me, it has a lovely unusual vintage feel ...

    I like :
    Adelaide - flows of the tongue with a very satisfying sound; beautiful and elegant, but fun, too. Heidi is such a sweet, quirky nickname, too.
    Adele - even though I like Adelaide, I actually used to find this one a bit uninspiring. It's definitely grown on me, though, but I admit to preferring it as a nn for Adelaide, still.
    Alessandra - a lovely soft sound, but I prefer the regal and classic Alexandra.
    Alice - very popular here in the UK, but a good vintage choice with a fun literary connection elsewhere.

    My vote goes to Adelaide, for its beauty and nickname options, with Alice in second place.

    The B names.
    I'm not fond of :
    Bridget - slightly harsh sounding and uninspiring, in my brutally honest opinion. Sorry!
    Brighid - ditto Bridget. I do, however, like Ingrid, so I'm being a little hypocritical.
    Bryony - I think this may just be a personal association that I can't recall the origin of, but Bryony has always seemed quite cheap to me. Like I said, it may just be me, though, especially as I believe it is much less popular outside of the UK.

    Middle of the road :
    Barbara - unless you think Barbie is a cute nickname ... Actually, you could do Bea, or Bibi, both of which are very sweet in my opinion. And while now this is a dated choice, if we follow the hundred year rule then in a generation this may well come back like Violet and Matilda have for little girls born now, and you will just have been ahead of the curve :)

    I like :
    Beatrice - feminine but not frilly and with such a refined vintage feel. The nicknames of Bea and Bibi are good options, too.
    Belle - simple and pretty, I think this makes a lovely middle name, but I prefer a longer version to make it more substantial in first place. Isabella is very popular, but Arabella, Mirabelle/a and Rosabelle are all good options, too.
    Blythe - I love Blythe! Simple and calm, feminine in a very subtle way - absolute perfection.

    My vote goes to Blythe, with Beatrice a very close second.

    The C names.
    I'm not fond of :
    Christine - it just seems a little dated to me; sorry!

    Middle of the road :
    Carys - a sweet meaning, but it fails to excite me, if I'm honest.
    Catherine - I know that this is a complete classic with a rich history and the great nickname option Cate (plus my favourites Kit and Kitty if you use the K spelling), I'm just left sort of blank by the sound of it ...
    Claire - another classic, and not a bad name at all, I just find it a little plain, personally. I do like Clara, though.
    Corinne - an intriguing sound, but something about it feels off to me. This may just be a personal thing ...

    I like :
    Camille - it's not my personal favourite, but it does have a lovely soft, feminine feel and lots of good nickname options.
    Caoimhe - I imagine this will encounter endless pronunciation issues outside of Ireland, so perhaps it is better suited to the middle slot, but I adore it! Simple and spunky.
    Caroline - in my opinion, this is the ultimate classic. It rolls of the tongue, suits any age, and would be equally at home in the boardroom or on a laidback 'hippy'. There are a surprising number of nicknames, too, including the pretty Cara and Coco.
    Cecilia - a lovely delicate sound for this vintage name makes it a great choice.

    My vote goes to Caroline, with Caoimhe coming in second due to pronunciation issues.

    Good luck! Auburn

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