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    Trying a New Technique!

    My husband and I have been TTC for over a year and ever since we started trying, I've been on this website "almost" everyday, researching names. The only problem list has grown substantially in the last year. I love too many names!

    We are now happily expecting (10 weeks along) and I know its going to take the rest of this pregnancy to narrow down our list. A friend of mine suggested taking what she called her "baby steps" approach. When she was pregnant (all 6 times!), she would concentrate on 3 consecutive letters a week and all the names she liked beginning with each letter. She would get online or read about each name or ask around about what people thought. Gradually she would narrow it down to one name she like per letter by the end of the week. I decided I would try it with one small change, my friend didn't have the Nameberries for help!

    I'm hoping if I post my lists, you all can help me narrow things down. Even if you just tell me which one of each letter you like, every little bit helps. Thank you so much in advance! :)

    Here is the girls' list. Our last name is Garner and I'm not 100% sure all of these names work well with it. If you feel that one really clashes, let me know! It'll be one less name to worry about! :)

    Oh and the * are family names or variations close to it that we actually like.

    • Abigayle*
    • Acadia-DH likes nn Cadie
    • Adelaide*
    • Adele*
    • Ainsley
    • Alessandra*
    • Alice*
    • Amelia*
    • Anabella*
    • Anne
    • Annemarie*
    • Arielle
    • Ashleigh-DH likes it, I’m not a huge fan.
    • Audra
    • Augustana-DH loves this name and I agree it’s pretty, I just don’t know how legitimate it is. Thoughts?
    • Aurora
    • Aveline*
    • Barbara-Would honor my DH’s grandmother, but are there ANY cute nns?
    • Beatrice*
    • Belle*
    • Blythe
    • Bridget
    • Brighid
    • Bryony
    • Camille*
    • Caoimhe
    • Caroline*
    • Carys
    • Catherine*
    • Cecilia*
    • Christine
    • Claire
    • Corinne

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    Re: Trying a New Technique!

    For A I like Adelaide, Alice, and Amelia. My favorite would be Alice by a long shot though.
    For B I like Beatrice, Bridget, and Blythe. For my favorite Bridget barely beats out Beatrice.
    For C I like Caroline, Catherine (although I prefer it with a K), and Claire. Caroline wins as my favorite, but I like all three a lot.

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    Re: Trying a New Technique!

    I've just answered on your boys post but girls are harder for me because there are so many more names I like! But I'll try :)

    A - Favourite family name's are Alice, Anabella and Adele though I do like Abigail (spelt this way), Alessandra, Adelaide and Amelia too! So that's no help! Of the other names my fav is Aurora, not to keen on the others. I don't know if Augustana is a legit name, the are some "user-submitted" details about it on but nothing from the website itself. I would guess it's just a variation on Augustina. I actually prefer Augusta, Augustine, Augustina or just August though.

    All the nn's I know for Barbara are old fashioned (Barbie, Babs!) I personally wouldn't use this as a first name, I'd save it for a middle name if you do use it. I LOVE Beatrice and Belle though and those both honour family! I also love Blythe and Bridget. I know a Brighid and the name sounds too harsh to me.

    C - Camille, Caroline, Catherine and Cecilia are all gorgeous and all honour someone! (wow you must have some great names in your family tree!) I also like, Carys and Corinne :)

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Trying a New Technique!


    Acadia-too sci-fi for me
    Ainsley-That Ain sound. Just yuck. Sorry!
    Ashleigh-dated name + trendee spelling
    Caiomhe-unless you are in Ireland =)
    Christine-very 80's

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    Re: Trying a New Technique!

    a name nerd lovin' the classics
    an old fashioned girl in a modern world

    George ~ Thomas ~ Alexander ~ Harry ~ Louis ~ William
    Eliza ~ Beatrice ~ Louisa ~ Eleanor ~ Harriet ~ Amelia ~ Amelie ~ Rose

    Vote on my ever growing namelist!?

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