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    Re: Name suggestion alternatives

    My eyes lit up too when I read Lemon's suggestion of Lyra! It seems to meet all criteria -- and is a delightful, unexpected, beautiful, name!
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    Re: Name suggestion alternatives

    Lemon always has great suggestions!! You should take it, if you love it!

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    Re: Name suggestion alternatives

    @klcadler2, @everwaiteing, @elsiekutz - you all are too nice! And to think I didn't even know how to pronounce Lyra a few months ago...

    I agree it is a fun name! So unexpected and sweet!

    Lemon :-)
    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

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    Re: Name suggestion alternatives

    Janda... what did you decide to do?

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    Name Suggestion Alternatives: Finally an update

    I feel bad taking so long to get back with you guys. Believe it or not, I tried logging on several times the past two days and it wouldn't accept my password and it was the CORRECT password! Well, I decided to take it as an opportunity to REALLY think about what I wanted to respond w/ and do period.

    SO, w/o further adieu (sp.?), this is gonna be a long one ladies (gents?), so sit back and relax lol....

    First off, I would like to respond to some of the suggestions.

    Ljandrl: I like the following names you suggested:

    Zaria/Zara (esp. Zara...but rhymes w/ending of Navarra, putting me back at square one)
    Amara (same as above)
    Rhea (like the Ray-a I fell in 'like' w/Raya first and then found Soraya...but I do not like this sp. because it is the tail end of the word diah____ and well you know the rest!)
    Lana (was on my list, DH said no to this and Alanna :-( )
    Seren (is Soraya's middle name...I pronounce it Seh-renn)
    Cora (on bottom of my list...but too close to Keira and DH was lukewarm on it)

    Iris Rose: I liked Dahlia (DH did not because of the "Black Dahlia" association he has in his mind)

    And then, here we go again...I like Dara and Adara but pronounced like DAR and not they rhyme w/ending of Navarra (sigh!)

    I like your suggestions. I liked Audra; was on my list and DH said no. Zara- see above. And then we come to LYRA....very nice fact, I am a fan of most names that have the "LIE/LY" sound in them: Lila, Delilah, Lorelei, Eli (for a boy of course lol)....but DH said no, no, no and no. And then even if I was to pronounce Lyra as would rhyme w/Keira....hence another problem once again, and as you can tell, I am big into the names NOT rhyming. I am not even sure if I am even pronouncing Lyra right: IS it LIE-RA or LEAR-RA?!

    You are right though, Lemon...I did have a theme going there....I wanted the new baby girl to have an "ra" ending to her name as well, and well, it looks like I totally put myself in between a rock and a hard I found NOTHING but MARA and AMARA that I liked this go round and we all know how that sadly ended. I didn't even want the first name to start w/an "S", but you know that story, too. Also, I have never really been into names that have "y's" in them, so that may be a factor that I have some getting used to w/Soraya, as I despise all alternate spellings. Plus, I want the REAL version of the name, and not something that is derived from it, as it seems to me when you are using a name that is so out there to begin w/, that one should not screw w/the sp., but then again, just my take on it.

    Lemon, I also wanted to let you know that I saw in another thread that you are 20...20! You have the wisdom, foresight, compassion and way w/words of a woman way beyond your years! Your mother must be proud. I can tell just by the way you convey yourself in this forum, that you are someone that anyone would be honored/privileged enough to call their friend! You are so immensely helpful; more than you could ever know. You not only are very knowledgable about names, but you express yourself so eloquently when sharing your insight!

    Someone asked what the baby looked like: Fair skin, blondish-brown hair and blue eyes.

    Sorry I am rambling....just trying to get all my thoughts out asap, as I am excited to hear back from the 'berries'.

    I don't want anyone to think that if I just decide to stick w/Soraya, that I wasted your time, as I truly believe I have to go through this process of looking at alternate names and making new lists in order to make sure that Soraya is in fact the right name and that I can then live w/it for the rest of my life. I so want to LOVE it, not just like it! And, if I was to choose between Mara or Amara, as opposed to Soraya, I would choose Mara. However, I find it strange that I am going through a process to make sure I love a name that I have already legally chosen; just doesn't seem right...but then my first child dying doesn't either and things just spiraled out of control based on that.

    I have a few questions about this site in general, I look up Seren and the pronunciation listed here is totally different than what seems to be commonly agreed that it is....I just don't see it as Sair-en...but Seh-renn. IN fact, if it was Sair-en and only Sair-en....I would have been like bleh! And then w/Soraya, it mentions nothing about being a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus and that is in fact I assure you the TRUE meaning of the name....not princess just because the famous princess of Iran was named Soraya!

    Here are a few last questions that are VERY important to hear opinions on:

    IF YOU had a deceased child, would it bother you, like it bothers me, that the names rhymed? I understand that Navarra, Mara and Amara are totally different names, but I do NOT understand what people mean when they can honestly tell me that though they are different, that they DON'T sound alike...I am telling you they do they do they do or I wouldn't be in this predicament.

    Also, w/no regards to my naming criteria, what name comes to mind for YOU for a baby girl addition to my already existing sib set of Navarra, Keira and Everett? And when pondering this, please do take Navarra's name into account even though she is deceased and we do not sign our cards w/her name or say it aloud everyday....but we sure do talk about her it isn't like hearing her name is a rarity in the household so to speak.

    I am going to ask opinions on my list of girls' names I was working w/throughout the pregnancy once I get it together.

    Maybe I will do a poll on what the popular opinion is on naming a living child a name that rhymes w/a deceased older sibling's I am oh so curious.

    Also, someone made a remark in another thread that no matter what name you give your child, that it doesn't change the essence of who they are when they come into this world...and I wholeheartedly agree.

    Well WOW if you made it this far; thank you thank you and if you decide to respond, well, quadruple THANK YOU! I love this site and appreciate every iota of the advice/opinions I have received here the past 2 1/2 months!


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