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    Name suggestion alternatives-some updates

    On my other thread, Lemon and Auburn made a suggestion that maybe perhaps I should look beyond the names of Mara and Soraya and see if there is actually another name that feel even more right....
    So I am asking if you have any 2 syllable girls' names to suggest that would go w/my other children's Navarra (deceased), Keira and Everett. I like offbeat (hence Navarra and Soraya), but I am finding I am liking 2 syllables (hence Raya) better....maybe it is just because I am used to saying my other living kids' names. Anyway, I have a taste for the exotic, but it seems that you don't find that much in shorter names...but please if you have a suggestion for a name more than 2 syllables, please do not hesitate though. Anyway, any help at this late in the game is appreciated. I am starting to feel like a total loser and a$$...both online and esp. off, where people actually know me! I wish I had done this pre-birth!!!

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    Re: Name suggestion alternatives

    Do not be so down on yourself! This is so important that you are happy with your final decision so of course you need to put a lot of thought into it, and nameberries are all name obsessed anyway so we love to help :)

    2 syllable exotic names off my own personal name list hehe:

    Ulla Norse will/determination
    Theda Greek gift of God
    Tanwen Welsh holy fire
    Rhosyn Welsh rose
    Odette French wealthy
    Nona Latin ninth
    Leta Latin joyful
    Ezri Hebreq strong
    Delyth Welsh pretty and blessed
    Cosettte French victorious people
    Cleone Greek glorious
    Annia Latin priceless one (3 syllables but I love it and it's meaning!)
    Zaria Arabic rose (same as above!)
    Shiri Hebrew my song
    Calla Greek beautiful
    Hera Greek protectress
    Zadie Hebrew princess
    Vida Spanish life
    Mabel French loveable
    Amity Latin friendship (3 syllable but lovely meaning :))
    Clemence French merciful
    Shirin Persian charming, sweet
    Awen Welsh muse
    Sarai Hebrew princess
    Lilith Hebrew lily
    Nola Gaelic little bell
    Amaia Spanish end (again 3 syllables but a lovely sound)
    Ingrid Norse hero's daughter
    Ailsa Scottish place name
    Anwen Welsh very fair
    Margot French pearl
    Aria Italian a melody (3 syllables)
    Alba Latin white
    Roma Italian place name
    Avani Hindi the good earth (3 syllables but has a similar feel to Navarra for me)
    Manon Welsh wished for child (on nameberry it's only listed as a French name meaning bitter but the Welsh meaning is legitimate too)
    Cassia Greek cinnamon
    Astrid Norse divinely beautiful
    Celeste Latin heavenly
    Jana Czech God is gracious
    Sanaa Swahili art
    Anita Spanish gracious
    Cora Greek maiden
    Greta German pearl
    Mischa Russian who is like God
    Imani Arabic faith
    Cleo Greek in her father's renown
    Nia Swahili resolve
    Amara Greek lovely forever (I think you might have already considered this one if I remember your previous posts)
    Rhea Greek a flowing stream
    Malaya Filipino free (3 syllables)
    Anais French gracious
    Elodie French marsh flower (3 syllables)
    Adele German noble
    Elsa Hebrew pledged to God
    Nina Russian priceless one
    Thea Greek goddess
    Clara Latin bright and clear
    Lana Irish cheerful
    Iris Greek rainbow
    Seren Welsh star
    Eden Hebrew delight
    Carys Welsh love
    Esme French beloved
    Florence Latin flourishing, prosperous
    Martha Aramaic lady
    Imogen Greek beloved child
    Estee Persian star
    Freya Norse a noble woman

    Hope you find something in there you like!!
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    Re: Name suggestion alternatives

    cordelia ~ jessamine ~ alice ~ louisa ~ maeve ~ julia ~ eloise ~ fiona ~ genevieve
    matthias ~ william ~ henry ~ finn ~ benjamin ~ frederick ~ leander

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    Re: Name suggestion alternatives


    You know, both of your girls' named have ended in -ra. Is that something you want to continue, maybe? Here are some ideas if you do:

    Audra - "noble strength"
    Dora - "gift"
    Flora - "flower"
    Lyra - "lyre"
    Moira - "star of the sea" [MOY-rah]
    Sabra - "prickly pear" [SAY-brah]
    Sora - "sky"
    Zara - "eastern brightness, dawn"

    Do any of those appeal to you, Janda? With your kids' names, my favorites are Lyra, Moira, Sora, and Zara. Also, what does your little one look like?

    Lemon :-)
    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

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    Re: Name suggestion alternatives

    Lemon, Lyra is an amazing suggestion. I love this name so much, but my own husband just won't go for it. I agree with Lemon, I think it would fit your sibset beautifully, Janda.

    Some others mentioned that would be lovely additions:
    Odette, Esme, Freya, Lila, Moira

    Once again, good luck! I hope you find that perfect name.
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