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    Re: heres the parents! YOU name the kids..

    Favorite girl names: Estella, Marielle, Carys, Doutzen, Mireille, Edith, Saskia, Eve, Sienna, Cosima, Winnie, Delphine, Meredith, Sylvie, Sloane

    Favorite boy names: Otto, Owen, Aaron, Daniel, Henry, Adam, Seth, Abram/Bram, Johan, Johannes, Sven, George, Adlai, Adam

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    Re: heres the parents! YOU name the kids..

    I'll give you the names of a couple, then all you have to do is think of names for their kids random thing i thought up! ( In double brackets are my ideas x)

    Wife: Samantha Rose Husband: Julian Donald LastN: Hart
    a daughter born when they were 14 (so... go crazy!)
    2 sons
    Emmileigh Katheryne "Emmi"
    Gavin Julius
    Austin Michael

    Husband: Issac Wife: Lisa Marie LastName: Smith-Green
    4 daughters
    Kara Jayne
    Callie June
    Chloe Jolie
    Kimberly Jade

    BF: Damien Thorn Gf: Reagan Macneil-Thorn
    1 daughter, 2 sons
    Emily Rose
    Ezra Robert
    Ethan Riley

    Jane & Robert Craft
    2 sons
    Collin Wyatt
    Jonah Keith

    Avril and Robbie
    1 daughter, 1 son
    Julie Grace
    August Martin "Auggie"

    Keenan and Connie
    8 kids! (choose sexes)
    Andrea Kate
    Bethany Leanne
    Chelsea Olivia
    Dylan Mitchell
    Evan Zachary
    Fiona Grace
    Gabrielle Quinn
    Henry Isaac

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    Re: heres the parents! YOU name the kids..

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    Re: heres the parents! YOU name the kids..

    1. DW: Samantha Rose
    DH: Julian Donald
    LN: Hart

    DD (born when parents are 14): Trixie True
    DS: Talmadge Scott (Tal)
    DS: Theodore Charles (Theo)

    2: DH: Issac
    DW: Lisa Marie
    LN: Smith-Green

    DD: Cass Marion
    DD: Joni Louise
    DD: Janice Elaine
    DD: Grace Dolores

    3. BF: Damien Thorn
    GF: Reagan MacNeil-Thorn

    DD: Carol Anne Elizabeth
    DS: Frederick (Freddy) Charles
    DS: Jason Jonathon (J.J.)

    4. DW: Jane
    DH: Robert
    LN: Craft

    DS: Arthur Willem
    DS: George Caspar

    5. Avril and Robbie

    DD: Amie Genevieve
    DS: Reginald Robert (Reggie)

    6. Keenan and Connie

    DD: Clarisse Marisa
    DD: Charlotte Melanie
    DS: Kent Porter
    DD: Celeste Miriam
    DS: Kirk Phillip
    DS: Kyle Pierce
    DS: Keith Preston
    DD: Camille Monica

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