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    Sibling for Penelope

    What name would YOU chose from your list?

    From my list?

    Eleanor (Nora)

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    Re: Sibling for Penelope

    I really like all of them, but I think Miles and Beatrice go best with Penelope. Ada's shortness seems a little mismatched with Penelope, but they fit well stylistically. Eleanor is great, but it sort of bothers me that they can both shorten to Elle/Nell-- do you call Penelope by a nickname? Cecilia is also lovely, but it's a little frilly with Penelope. Luca is a sort of culturally jarring with Penelope... maybe that's just me. Jonah is very nice, though not my personal favorite. Gabriel is great with Penelope, but Miles is even better, I think. It's a great list, overall-- you can't really go wrong.
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    Re: Sibling for Penelope

    Beatrice and Cecilia both are stunning seperately and with Penelope! I love Eleanor, too, but it is getting popular and more importantly, shares a prominent EL sound with Penelope - I worry that it would make a third daughter's name seem incongruent by accidentally creating a theme.

    Nora is sweet and simple vintage perfection, though - Lenore/a, and even more so Annora, Honora, Honoria and Honorine all allow for the Nora nickname without containing that EL sound.

    Ada is pretty, but so close to the epidemically popular Ava, and also significantly shorter than Penelope.

    As for the boys, I pick Miles style-wise, but ideally I'd use something longer ... Theodore, Nathaniel, Caspian or Edward all spring to mind.

    Good luck! Auburn

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    Re: Sibling for Penelope

    I have a Penelope too. Her sister is Scarlett.

    From your list:
    Beatrice and Eleanor are my favs. I'm considering Eleanor for one of the twins I'm carrying. I know some here are saying Penelope and Eleanor may be too close, but I've really thought it through and I don't think it's a problem. My Penelope goes by Penny and I'd call Eleanor, Ella.

    Of your boys names, I like Gabriel best!
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    Re: Sibling for Penelope

    Thanks for the input. I usually call her Penelope, sometimes Penny Jane or Pen.

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