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    Need name for Fourth Boy

    We are having baby 5 and our fourth boy. All of our boys have very classical first names and more fun middle names. We have come up with several classic names but have yet to come up with a name for the child to actually go by ....
    Our other boys are
    Titus (they are two of BBG triplets)
    and our daughter is Tatum
    I like Matteo and haven't came up with any other suggestions...
    Do you think this is too different from our other names? Each childs name really suits them although we picked them while they were in the womb...and I just feel that Matteo suits this child. Any other suggestions for boy names that mesh with our others?

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    Re: Need name for Fourth Boy

    I do think it is a very different style. Are those your other children's first names or middle names? It would help to know that. Matteo is very classic and could be his first name, with a "different" middle name.

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    Re: Need name for Fourth Boy

    I like Matteo, but not sure it fits. What about Mattias?

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    Re: Need name for Fourth Boy

    Those are the children's middle names
    they are Fredrick Ryder
    Henry Titus
    Benjamin Teague
    Tatum Beatrice
    and I like Theodore Matteo .. It is different that the others but others although they seem to work together are all different origins except the first names for the boys are all classic.

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