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    Baby girl name Hatley

    What do you think of the name Hatley for a baby girl. We were vacationing in Hilton Head and saw this store called Hatley and really liked the name? What do you think, honest opinions please. Thx

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    Love it. We named our daughter Hatley.

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    I can see Hadley or Hartley for a girl's name but not Hatley. It feels made up, plus the whole 'hat' thing. You'd probably also have issues with people assuming it's actually Hadley.

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    I also think it would be an assumed misspelling of Hadley. If you don't like the popularity of Hadley perhaps you would like Hattie.
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    Though it's not my style, I actually much prefer Hatley to Hadley. It's cute and different and if you love it go ahead and use it. Sure, she may get confused with Hadley's some times, but they are distinct enough that it won't be constant. I don't find it confusing or offensive in any way so if that's the name you like then use it. I definitely don't see the HATE issue that a previous poster mentioned.

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