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Thread: Too much ?

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    Too much ?

    I am being induced on Thursday and still toying with girl names.
    I have across the name Gabriella and I love the meaning of it however if it is a girl her middle name will be
    Eleonore Anne


    Gabriella Eleonore Anne have to much of an El sound to it?
    Mummabear to Olivia Eleonore Anne 19.08.15

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    I think that yes, it is a bit EL heavy. Is it possible for you to switch the middles to have Gabriella Anne Eleonore, so as to put a bit of space between the EL's perhaps?

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    I have thought of that but then thought it didn't flow very well ....
    Mummabear to Olivia Eleonore Anne 19.08.15

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    Maybe if you used Anna instead of Anne ?

    Gabriella Anna Eleanore

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    I think it sounds quite awkward, however, it's pretty unlikely you'll use her middles much in day to day life. If Eleanore is a family name or very important to you to use, and Gabriella is your absolutely favorite, I would do it anyway. If you like other first names as much or almost as much, I'd switch, or if Eleanore isn't that meaningful, I'd switch that.

    If you need to use both, what about an alternative to Eleanore that shares meaning and could honor someone with a similar name

    Gabriella Helena Anne
    Gabriella Helene Anne
    Gabriella Helen Anne
    Gabriella Nora Anne

    Or switch the middles but still call her Gabriella: Eleanore Gabriella Anne could certainly go by Gabriella
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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