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    Alison vs. Allison

    My husband and I are having a baby girl in October and we like the name Alison/Allison Olivia, but can not decide on the spelling. I prefer Alison, because that is how I pronounce the name. My husband also pronounces it like Alison, but he thinks that Allison is the traditionally accepted spelling of the name and doesn't want our daughter to be different and to always have to say "It is Alison with one L". I know this is somewhat trivial, but I would appreciate opinions!

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    Re: Alison vs. Allison

    I prefer Alison because it's much more streamlined and in my opinion, prettier, than Allison. I wouldn't say Allison is more traditionally accepted; I think Alison is actually the original spelling. I think either way she'll be "Alison with one L" or "Allison with two Ls" or "Alison with two Ls, no Y".
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    Re: Alison vs. Allison

    Alison :]

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    Re: Alison vs. Allison

    My sister is Allison, so thats just how I'm used to seeing it. She sometimes had to say "with 2 Ls", but I don't feel like it was a big deal. There isn't really a right way or a wrong way, just different ways.

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    Re: Alison vs. Allison

    If it helps you decide...

    On the SSA popularity chart for 2009, Alison ranked at #227, while Allison ranked at #30.
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