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    Re: B/G Elimination with a Twist!

    Lira ~ Juliet ~ Mahea ~ Lorelei ~ Aviva ~ Minla ~ Maeve ~ Beatrix
    Orion ~ Tiernan ~ Fletcher ~ Sebastian ~ Rhys ~ Kestrel ~ Flynn ~ Riordan

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    Re: B/G Elimination with a Twist!

    Favorite names:
    Girls-Alice Victoria, Willa Caroline, Lucy Clementine, Molly June
    Boys-Henry Andrew, Macaulay Connor, Philip Julian

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    Re: B/G Elimination with a Twist!


    Griffin Isaac
    Jack Everett
    Emmett Oliver
    Beckett Finn
    Colin Edward
    Cole Nathaniel
    Matthias Jacob
    Henry Atticus
    Ethan Maxwell
    Nathaniel Charles
    Liam Matthias
    Gabriel Reuben
    Owen Nathaniel
    Callum Rhys

    Save: Henry Atticus

    Dropped: Sawyer Tate -- Neither name appeals to me! Sawyer is okay, but hate that it's being used on girls as well, and to me, Tate just lacks personality.


    Eliza Charlotte
    Ivy Emmeline
    Lucy Adelaide
    Augusta Rose
    Scarlett Isadora
    Isla Genevieve
    Charlotte Adeline
    Penelope Jane
    Audrey Kate
    Beatrix Caroline
    Rosalie Scarlett
    Violet Grace
    India Rose

    Save: Penelope Jane

    Dropped: Isabel Kathryn. I really dislike this spelling and MUCH prefer Catherine. Isabel is okay, but not my favorite. I'd prefer Catherine Isobel

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    Re: B/G Elimination with a Twist!

    "I feel like a little bit, like, I’m the Braveheart of creativity.”
    ~ Kanye West


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