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    B/G Elimination with a Twist!

    Eliminate one name for each gender. When possible, indicate the reasons for your elimination.

    Here's the twist: please also pick a favorite from each list to save from elimination. The next poster will not be allowed to eliminate your favorite, and you may not eliminate the favorite of the most recent poster before you. Only the most recent poster's favorite is safe.

    When only 3 names of each gender remain, favorites will no longer be protected from elimination.



    Griffin Isaac
    Jack Everett
    Jasper Quade
    Hudson Rhys
    Emmett Oliver
    Elias Gavin
    Kellan Matthew
    Ned Alexander
    Beckett Finn
    Colin Edward
    Cole Nathaniel
    Matthias Jacob
    Sawyer Tate
    Henry Atticus
    Landon James
    Ethan Maxwell
    Nathaniel Charles
    Liam Matthias
    Gabriel Reuben
    Finn Alexander
    August Henry
    Owen Nathaniel
    Callum Rhys
    Bennett Elias
    Embry Quinn
    Rafe Sawyer

    Save: Nathaniel Charles
    Dropped: Felix Reuben -- makes me think of Felix Unger or a cat


    Adeline Isabel
    Eliza Charlotte
    Delilah Ruth
    Geneva Corinne
    Daphne Paige
    Ivy Emmeline
    Ava Seraphina
    Lucy Adelaide
    Libby Sophia
    Augusta Rose
    Scarlett Isadora
    Isla Genevieve
    Gemma Claire
    Charlotte Adeline
    Penelope Jane
    Audrey Kate
    Beatrix Caroline
    Paige Eleanora
    Rosalie Scarlett
    Violet Grace
    Fiona Quinn
    Adelyn Lily
    Susannah Claire
    India Rose
    Emmeline Charlotte
    Isabel Kathryn

    Save: Delilah Ruth
    Dropped: Luna Maeve -- Luna just feels looney to me

    The next poster may not eliminate Nathaniel Charles or Delilah Ruth (although other posters can).

    Have fun!

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    Re: B/G Elimination with a Twist!

    freya // reader // writer // actress

    ϟ boys: james, kieran, arthur, jasper, eamon, graham
    ✿ girls: maeve, nuala, thea, luna, lenora, rosalind, charlotte
    ♡ current faves: james arthur & kieran joel & maeve mary brigid

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    Ontario, Canada

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