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Thread: Romany Blue

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    Re: Romany Blue

    Definitely is memorable. It sounds like a restaurant to me.

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    Re: Romany Blue

    I know quite a few girls called Romany, I've never thought about it as a boy's name but it works. I wouldn't consider it disrespectful, any more than calling your daughter India.

    Incidentally, 'Gypsy' is actually a non-specific term used for a number of different nomadic peoples - Romany, Irish Travellers etc.

    For what its worth, I love Blue, and I love Romany Blue. I think people often react to strong names, but I like its strength and rhythm. And middle names so often disappear into obscurity anyway, you may as well choose one that resonates for you.

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    Re: Romany Blue

    I would drop the 'y'.

    Roman nn Romy
    Psalm 23

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