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Thread: Romany Blue

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    Re: Romany Blue

    Romany Blue sounds like a movie star! (Or a movie star's kid.) It has a nice ring to it. It also sounds feminine to me.

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    Re: Romany Blue

    Thanks - helpful feedback. "Poetic," "unisex," "nice ring"...I can get with all of that :) But "sad," "song-like," & "too much"...those are immediate impressions worth paying attention to. I've got a beautifully illustrated book titled, "Romany Free," and that's probably influenced my leaning toward the name Romany. I'm less invested in Blue, though. (Actually, I've been trying to convince my bf of "Bluet" as a girls middle name, as he's french and a big-time blueberry-lover, but he thinks THAT'S too much!) The alternative middle names you all have provided are great, and I also like the suggestion of Jovany, as another name I've always liked is Jove. Thanks again.

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    Re: Romany Blue

    How about Romany Truette?
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    Re: Romany Blue

    It is a bit feminine sounding, to the point where I would assume it was a girl on paper. But my main issue with it is the Gypsy association- it may be percieved as disrespectful, akin to naming your child "Iroquois" or "Chinese." I would strongly advise against using it for this reason. Roman may be a good alternative.

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    Re: Romany Blue

    It has a cool ring to it. It would be a great main character in a story or a poem. But I'm not sure how well it would work for an actual boy's name in real life.

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