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Thread: Romany Blue

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    Romany Blue

    I am having a tough time coming up with a boy's name that I like, but one that I seem to keep coming back to is "Romany Blue." What comes to mind for you when you hear that name, and are there others that seem similar in some way that you could recommend? Thanks.

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    Re: Romany Blue

    Romany is actually the name the Gypsy people call themselves. Romany Blue sounds like a song name to my ears! Sorry, it wouldn't be a good choice in my opinion.
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    Re: Romany Blue

    I think that if you love the name – you should always go with it, and try and ignore all criticism (including mine below).

    Personally, I think, Romany Blue is very poetic, but maybe a little to much. And it has quite a sad ring to it. It is also a little girly.

    Similar to Romany include -

    Maybe check out the Artist Names and Color Names lists.

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    Re: Romany Blue

    I actually really like the way the name sounds. It verges on unisex but I like that in a name. If you have concerns with it, maybe you could go with something that has a similar ring to it but is more masculine or is unrelated to gypsies.

    Amory Crew
    Avory Jude
    Ellery Cruz
    Conery True
    Jeromy Drew
    Jovany Beau (pronounced Bow)
    Saxony Luke

    However, I don't personally think any of these names really sound as good as yours... Jovany Beau is nice, but I think Romany Blue is better. The meaning behind Jovany Beau is nice though...Beautiful gift is how it can be roughly translated

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    Re: Romany Blue

    I recently saw a band who was named after The Romany Rye. I instantly fell in love with the name. However, Romany Blue just sounds silly to me. Change Blue and you'd have a very cool name. Rom, Roe, Manny, Roman, Omy woud all make cool nicknames.

    Romany Luke
    Romany Jude
    Romany Shea
    Romany Grier
    Romany Jules
    Romany Jasper
    Romany Kellen
    Romany Brooks

    The lead singer of Romany Rye is named Luke, coincidentally. I think it sounds nice together.
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